Best Game Developer right now?

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User Info: carljenk

3 years ago#101
stargazer1981 posted...
carljenk posted...
I'm really surprised I am not being called out hard for Ubisoft Montreal... There are a lot of Ubisoft haters out there.

Not gonna hate on you for an opinion, but I disagree. I don't think they redefined anything, to be honest. Assassin's Creed stopped being fun for me at AC2.

My vote goes for Nintendo.

Farcry 3. And wait till Watchdogs comes out

User Info: MasterSword546

3 years ago#102
Mr_Delcroix posted...
MasterSword546 posted...
DarkHoles posted...
ACx7 posted...
Naughty Dog. Hands down, no one else even close at the moment.

This is why i lol'd at ponies, its clear over exaggeration. ND are a capable studio but are nowhere near on par with bethesda or rockstar. Thats not even opinion its fact.

ND is far more talented than Bethesda or Rockstar. Skyrim is more overrated than anything ND has ever made. It's a buggy piece of s*** that's repetitive as all hell and yet the causal such as yourself praise it like there's no tomorrow. Same goes with GTA V. Buggy as f***, even with a grossly oversized budget. The story telling in both those games were horrible.

Now look at The Last of Us. Know what wasn't a complaint? Bugs. Because NAUGHTY DOG KNOWS HOW TO F***ING TEST AND CREATE DECENT SOFTWARE.

The difference between ND and Bethesda/Rockstar is passion. ND pours everything they have into their games, while the other two don't. ND has an interest in giving gamers the BEST possible experience they can through thier gameplay, cinematic and story telling.

>Calling someone a casual.
>While simultaneously touting a studio whose only great achievement within the last decade is a series of 6/10 TPS games with stories that try to pander to the "I'd rather watch it on youtube than play it :)))" crowd.

Go play something that has actual merit to it like Doom or Monster Hunter before calling anyone else a casual, casual.

Lol, someone's angry they couldn't play Naughty Dog games last gen. Maybe if you save up enough of your allowances this year you'll be able to buy a PS4, casual.
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User Info: chedibang1994

3 years ago#103
cloudtheprophet posted...
I know this will be a very unpopular answer on this board, but in my opinion it would be Nintendo. No matter what you think about their hardware they make great games.

This, Zelda still made game of the year damn
And square enix they gave me kingdom hearts best game ever
I Still watch Angry Video Game Nerd in pajamas

User Info: Thierrymon

3 years ago#104
Naughty Dog - track record speaks for itself. Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter were also great for their time.

CD Projekt RED - Havent made a huge amount of games but the Witcher series is awesome. Also, they are a developer that treats gamers with respect and isn't constantly looking for ways to nickle and dime us.

Irrational Games - Sadly they are no more but they did create my second favourite game of the last generation (bioshock1). Plus System shock was awesome.

From Software - Dark Souls was my favourite game of the last gen (demons souls was great too) and I cant wait for DS2. Done other games but the Souls games are the only ones that really stand out for me.

Rockstar - The GTA series is awesome. Also loved RDR and Max Payne 3.

User Info: a687947

3 years ago#105

User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#106
I would say
Naughty dog
Those are probably the ones I would say right now are the best.

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#107
werkz_destroyz posted...
Respawns beta was funner than just about all of naughty dogs i geuss we agree naughtys out the list.

You can also remove English from your list
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User Info: rpglover13

3 years ago#108
Naughty Dog, Rocksteady, and Rockstar are my picks. I'm not actually a big fan of Rockstar but no one can deny that they constantly bring it and up the ante on whatever game they work on; just like the other 2 developers I chose.

User Info: jellybeanmaster

3 years ago#109
Platinum by far. Always make quality games that are always different

User Info: wyansas

3 years ago#110
Nintendo Tokyo EAD, Naughty Dog and Valve are tied at the top. Platinum isn't quite on their level, but is a personal favorite of mine.
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