Best Game Developer right now?

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User Info: wyansas

3 years ago#111
Homie_202 posted...
I would say
Naughty dog
Those are probably the ones I would say right now are the best.

Ubisoft???? Really? Their games are so.... soulless.
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User Info: steven3556

3 years ago#112
Mine would have to be Bethesda and Telltale. I love basically everything they've come out with in the last number of years.

User Info: avigeant83

3 years ago#113
It's Nintendo hands down. Has been for over 30 years. There's no question. Outside of the obvious, Bethesda, and Naughty Dog.

User Info: Mangorush5

3 years ago#114
Naughty Dog
Monolith Soft

I want to say Blizzard but after what happen to Diablo III, I'm not sure whether to include them in the list or not and I'm sure I'm forgetting some others.

User Info: stargazer1981

3 years ago#115
carljenk posted...
stargazer1981 posted...
carljenk posted...
I'm really surprised I am not being called out hard for Ubisoft Montreal... There are a lot of Ubisoft haters out there.

Not gonna hate on you for an opinion, but I disagree. I don't think they redefined anything, to be honest. Assassin's Creed stopped being fun for me at AC2.

My vote goes for Nintendo.

Farcry 3. And wait till Watchdogs comes out

Far Cry 3 was boring and bland. Now if you would have said Blood Dragon, I would have agreed with you. At least they made the FC3 engine fun to look at and play.

Jury's still out on Watchdogs. I'll wait to see it in action. But so far, I'm not terribly impressed.
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#116
Bioware before they were bought by EA.

Bethesda before they made Skyrim and approved of ESO.

CDProjekt now, they released The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition content to all owners FOR FREE that had bought The Witcher 2 earlier on. They also did this with The Witcher 1. The Witcher 3 will not feature DLC, micro-transactions, they're offering a true next generation experience and not trying to cash in on last generation console owners, so that won't drop set them back from making the best game they possibly can. They're also DRM free on PC and approve of the modding community for their games (even hired a modder for their combat mechanics I believe).

Honorable mention: Rockstar.
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User Info: Izraeil

3 years ago#117
DarkHoles posted...
ethanpaige posted...
DarkHoles posted...
Lol at ponies with naughty dog.

lol at someone disrespecting a talented development studio because they don't make games for your favorite console.

Anyway, I'd say Platinum. I've yet to play a game by them I didn't enjoy immensely. I do like Naughty Dog, can't deny they make quality stuff, but I feel some of their games are overrated *coughTLoUcough*

How do you know what my favourite console is? I lol at ponies because naughty dog dont even make that brilliant games, uncharted is good but hardly amazing, ill play through each once or twice and tlou is the most overrated movie i ever watched.

You calling them not brilliant doesn't mean crap. Their games were not only some of the best selling last gen and also:

Super Mario Galaxy 1/2
Grand theft Auto 4/5
Uncharted 2
Batman Arkham City
Mass Effect 2
Portal 2
TESV: Skyrim
The Last of Us

Those are the top 10 highest rated IPs of last generation on Gamerankings, and Naughty Dog created 2 of them. So everyone who actually played them thought they were amazing.

And I know you haven't played them, because you called TLOU a movie when Uncharted games are more movie like than TLOS. It's a good 15 hour game, with 2 hours of cutscenes.
Uncharted games have set-pieces which are a lot like a movie moment you play, and TLOU has none of those. it has very open levels with multiple ways you can go through, and you can complete levels just by sneaking, stealth killing, or guns blazing (not a great option due to limited ammo on higher difficulties).

User Info: Man-Boobs

3 years ago#118
CDProjekt Red

User Info: Gevous

3 years ago#119
DarkHoles posted...
MasterSword546 posted...
People saying Respawn before they even have a game out. You're trying too hard.

The BEST developer right now is Naughty Dog.

Lol and naughty dog is not a pony answer is it? uncharted is a pretty decent game but hardly blinding and tlou is a movie not a game, plus naughty dog just lost their lead writer for the uncharted series.

You are an idiot if you actually think this. First of all, Naughty Dog makes good games, and it is clear that you have not played them if you think only "ponies" would say that. Secondly, TLOU has 1 hr or so of cutscenes, and a playthrough takes about 12 hrs. That doesn't really qualify for a movie, now does it? There's a reason that it has been critically acclaimed, even by people who enjoy MS more.

User Info: UtterMoon

3 years ago#120
Tough Choice...

Rockstar has been steadily pumping out one amazing game after the next for a long, long time...

CD Projekt is also pretty amazing..The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are two of my most anticipated games...

Ubisoft could also be in the running with..The Division and Watch Dogs...

Right now the answer is Rockstar, but by this time next year it could easily be CD Projekt or Ubisoft.
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