Can/will the Xbone keep improving through software updates?

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User Info: nw63

3 years ago#11
Xmas_Hat posted...
Semp1 posted...
obviously look what they did with the 360 through updates. And Sony is just as good at improving it's systems through updates;.

True... Right now Xbox is the only one trying though

That's because they're playing catch up
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User Info: theSpiccoli

3 years ago#12
garydavexxx posted...
Yes and no. The 360 now was nothing like when it first launched it has got better through updates.

However the one will not get better in terms of hardware performance through updates as much as some people seem to believe. It is what it is.

( a proud Microsoft fan boy )

While I agree that the 360 definitely got better...I still have a soft spot for the blade system at launch.

User Info: METALINGUS5150

3 years ago#13
The Xbone will get better through software optimization. No it won't surpass the PS4 or close the gap because the PS4's software is also getting optimized.

User Info: DarkZala

3 years ago#14
Of course. You think the graphics we see now on both consoles is the top end of this gen. Games on both are going to be improved through the whole generation
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User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#15
Have you seen the 360 in 2005 vs. 2013?

User Info: Valor_Phoenix

3 years ago#16
There are things that can and can't be improved.

The XBone has 2/3 the GPU of the PS4, so that's something that can't be improved in this fashion.

In firmware features however, both systems will imrove and they can make their APIs more efficient. The ICE team just recently announced making texture tiling 10x to 100x more efficient for the PS4.
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