Does Crytek hate Xbox? TimeSplitters 4 To Deal Final Blow To Xbox One. No TS4?

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User Info: richboy900

3 years ago#11
That would suck if true though, timesplitters is one of my most wanted games to return.

But yeah the last one was future perfect, not "3". The original Xbox had no support since 2005 so 2008 is clearly wrong. Most people in 2008 were playing on 360 and PS3.

Future perfect was actually released in 2005, must have been one of the last Xbox and GameCube games.

User Info: geodANGER

3 years ago#12
I find it funny how the sony people come over here and talk about how much they hate shooters and they are so boring in all.

Yet we have another ps4 exclusive shooter.(allegedly)

As an xbox fan I would probably find some entertainment in this game because its a shooter.

what would make this classic is if it didn't have single player.

User Info: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
3 years ago#13
They've been weak since the second one. I'm surprised people are even interested in a new game.

User Info: _PDZero_

3 years ago#14
I would love another TS game, but I'm sure it's just a rumor; Even if it wasn't, it wouldn't be delivering any final blow since it's not a huge seller, anyway.

User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#15
SnoicFactor posted...
It's a rumor, and x1 got ps4 is the one getting shafted right now..even if the game sucks.

It doesn't suck though. It's fairly good. A lot of potential for a great franchise.
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User Info: dutch2099

3 years ago#16
GENEC1DE posted...
What even is this site? Is this your own awful site?

TimeSpliiters 3 was the last in the series, released in 2008 on Xbox, PS2 and GameCube

u wot? 2008? Get your facts straight.

Also, learn how to spell the title of the game. We got

Time splitters
Abbreviated to TS only once instead of consistently

What a piss-poor article.

hahahaha...Thyme splinters
To quote a famous philosopher, "it". That is all

User Info: jussSaiyan

3 years ago#17
A non multi-plat TS? I doubt it.
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User Info: jjordan0002

3 years ago#18
who cares about timesplitters?
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

3 years ago#19
Timesplitters will obviously be multiplat. The game doesn't have the fanbase or the hype to be strong enough as an exclusive.

That site is horrible and should never be cited again.
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#20
Since we're talking about rumors, it's rumored that Crytek will be making another Crysis game. I'd want that WAY more than Timesplitters...that's just me though.
March madness anyone? So many games!
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