Microsoft Hopes Titanfall's Robots Can Save the Xbox One

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User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#51
I'm surprised it took this long for fanboyism to reach this thread.
Proof that M$ is slowly bringing back DRM for the XBone:

User Info: BSerenity

3 years ago#52
kennyynnoo posted...
BSerenity posted...
Tech9 posted...
Money wasn't a huge issue, so I bought the X1 before it was really worthy of it's price tag. With that admitted, I can't even fathom why you would buy a PS4 unless you were a Killzone fan. There is literally no reason to own a PS4, yet everyone is RUSHING out to buy them.

PS4 does have more powerful hardware, but that doesn't mean you should buy it just because. I bet Sony is happy selling their consoles and not having to produce any software to do it, haha.

On topic, Titanfall bundles will probably more save X1 than anything. Start to give us the value we should have had as early adopters...

I always get a kick out of people claiming "no games on the PS4". People have got to come up with some better jokes.

Not a joke, a fact. I love both companies, I wanted a racing game and the only one in sight for ps4 was driveclub which was delayed, ps4 offers nothing that I want right now.

It sold well because its cheaper and supply demand was way off balance, it was the thing to find and brag you found but its lacking games. I don't care about cheesy indie games, that hand held looking garbage to me, I wanted to race and nfs is all they offer.

It isn't a fact. It doesn't matter if the games are Indie or AAA. The games are there, period. Just because you didn't find a game to your liking/preference doesn't mean the console has "no games".

Joke = no games on the PS4
Fact = no games that interest you on the PS4

There is a clear difference. I am sure it isn't hard to see.
This is your freedom in a life of fallacy,
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User Info: Thewinner14

3 years ago#53
Well this seems like the appropriate topic for this link

Take it for what you will (Forbes using vgcharts) but if the numbers are even close, Nintendo should stay in the HW market and it's MS that should go.
NYY News and analysis:

User Info: scorpio man

scorpio man
3 years ago#54
Gotta love the trolls that stick to counter arguing every single response makes me wonder if these people play games at all or simply enjoy being the best on these forums someone should do a study.

I had no idea X box needed to be saved with its 3+ MILLION sales.

Oh and for the Sony boys who claim they have sold so many go check ebay and tell me who actually kept the system to play and not try to resell cause there is thousands on ebay constantly
Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty.

User Info: roboto_piloto

3 years ago#55
Geist posted...
It really must suck to buy a system and be so bored with it you go to other system boards to talk about what you do not have.

I think it sucks more to buy a concole and then spend all your time defending it on a forum instead of actually playing it.

"Only on Xbox One, why play your console when you can defend it 24/7 @gamefaqs."
"I guess I'm a bad man who tried to be a good father, I don't know. Every man has a right to change." ~ John Marston

User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#56
kcypher2000 posted...
SoulTrapper posted...
Bladez_89 posted...
Save it? I wish I could sell 3 million + items in 4 months...

Yeah, except most of those sales came at launch and sales dropped dead afterwards, which is not a good thing.

Being behind 2:1 with the PS4 in their home territory doesn't exactly help either.

So whats going to save the ps4? Because Sony is flopping in their home territory and have no games in sight.

Ask on the ps4 board.


User Info: UltraPlanet

3 years ago#57
It will save the 360 from dieing.
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