would you pay $70 to have titanfall now but

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User Info: natevines

3 years ago#21
FinzFan4life posted...
Would I pay more to have it but not able to play it, are you Serious?

This. What's the point? So I can lick the case? Do you think we all suffer from some kind of psychological condition?

User Info: chip1289

3 years ago#22
Extra money just to look at the case absolutely not

User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#23
Wth would be the point of that?
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User Info: Karimosaur

3 years ago#24
Lapanui posted...
People in the UK are technically paying that amount and even more in some stores.

ShopTo have it up for the equivalent of $80.
SimplyGames: $72
GAME: $78
Amazon: $70

ShopTo is usually the best when it comes to prices, but they are creeping up. GAME is probably the worst. They are the equivalent of Gamestop.

I can concur with this game is the British gamestop, they make there money because they normal have stock in hand so impatient people are willing to pay a premium to get the product there and then, rather than wait 2-5 days for amazon delivery (free delivery).
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User Info: gala12

3 years ago#25
pay extra to have “I have it but I can’t play it yet” bragging rights?

Why would I do this?
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