My idea of what M$ should do to win the console war

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User Info: CKnight

3 years ago#11
jpraelster posted...
CKnight posted...
adonfraz posted...
Both the PS4 and XB1 can be successful. One system doesn't have to fail for the other to succeed.

That being said Titanfall and a new Halo (Different from Halo 4 MP) would help.

No, Halo 4 MP is awesome just needed better maps on par with Halo 2 and 3. The custom loadouts, armor abilities and perk drops need to stay and get expanded on. Also flesh out Spartan Ops.

No they dont go back to the way halo used to be when way more people loved it instead of the way it is now when most halo fans arent even gonna get 5 because of how terrible 4 was

Based on what? Halo 4 sold about the same as the other main games just shy of 10 million copies. People just have on the nostalgia goggles.

Halo Anniversary comes out with the so called true and best MP next to Halo 2 and everyone still plays Halo 4 way more.

It would be dumb for MS to try and cater to a fanbase based on the state of gaming back in 2004. When CoD wasn't king and consoles FPS as a whole weren't as saturated. That original fanbase as a whole is gone and Halo has evolved and still puts up AAA numbers. Going backwards is a bad idea.

Those that stuck around up to Halo 4 and those that jumped on board with Halo 4 should be the focus. Not those who can't get past Halo 2 which came out 10 years ago. And may or may not buy Halo 5 because it still may not live up to what Halo should be based on what they played years ago.
" live with it." - Fumbles
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