List reasons why Titanfall is getting so much hate...

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User Info: GrimmTrixX

3 years ago#31
Boring is my only reason why I didn't enjoy it. Not my kind of game i guess. I never got into the whole Mech craze nor am I really into any FPSs that aren't Halo (I had my COD kick with MW2 and Black ops 1 and 2 but now I am super bored of those too), but that's more because I love the Halo universe in general.
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User Info: kcypher2000

3 years ago#32
aray48 posted...
Everyone was hype for this game up until a couple of weeks ago. It's just people being stupid. Since release date is coming up, more people are coming here to say "meh" because they are bored and aren't buying the game.

The haters come out just because they are bitter that others are going to get a great game. Some are bitter because its not coming out on their system and some are bitter just because their is nothing else they like. If anything all this blind hate just proves that the game will be successful.

Look at all the people who mock CoD and WoW and Halo. Personally Tuesday can't come fast enough because i need me some TF.

User Info: mike468

3 years ago#33
It's getting nothing but love from from the MS and PC community. Nothing but but hurt from everyone else. It doesn't mean a thing.
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#34
Kenhorou posted...
jakethenoob posted...
I got some for you:

CoD with mechs
No singleplayer
Season pass

All of which wouldn't be an issue if it was a PS4 exclusive...

Not sure if serious...

User Info: Ajescent

3 years ago#35
Hate? I've only really heard hype. Just enjoy your game and don't worry about anyone else.

Though with that said some of the criticisms. Are fair. No single player is my main concern.
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