Xbox One plus Fifa 299.99 at Gameseek Uk

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User Info: s2good

3 years ago#1
Hands Up. Who wants any of the following;

Xbox One + FIFA 14 for £299.99?
Titanfall (Xbox One) for £30?
Infamous Second Son (PS4) for £37?
Diablo Reaper of Souls (PC) for £20?

We have just launched a brand new way of shopping that allows you gamers to grab the deals of their dreams. It's called GameSeek Co-buying.

With Co-buying, the more people who join a deal while it's open, the lower the price will become for everyone - and the person who brings in the most other Co-buyers could get their product for free! This is a fantastic way for gamers to work together to get the best possible price on the latest games and consoles.
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User Info: Sabram

3 years ago#2
Sounds like a pyramid scheme
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User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#3
sounds dodgy as hell
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User Info: langystar

3 years ago#4
Sabram posted...
Sounds like a pyramid scheme
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