Titanfall user score on metacritic is 4.9

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User Info: Usabell

3 years ago#101
jparis09 posted...
I like jellybeans. What's ur favorite flavor

Sizzling Cinnamon.
Consoles shouldn't be about 480p, 720p, 1080p or the prettiest slideshow.
They are about a magical box that outputs wonderful streams of 60 images per second.

User Info: Keepdiscoevil

3 years ago#102
ExarOs posted...
It's nothing but jealous Sony Ponies giving it a bad score because they don't have anything better to be doing with their lives. That is what happens when you have a console but no games to play on it.

Ponies you say? ^___^ fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/261/e/c/smile_hd_wallpaper_by_brandatello-d6mu6cb.jpgPonies you say?

User Info: Nolax

3 years ago#103
Its cod with gimmicks and mechs, still a crappy FPS game, a genre that needs to die.
Oh and the graphics are pretty bad....is that what you call next gen?

Will stick with my 360 and ps3.

User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#104
RE4_Stranger posted...
Most of it is haters bombing the score with unfair zeroes and ones. But to also be fair there is a lot of positive bombing by fanboys of perfect scores with such comments as "perfect game" or "best game ever" or "insert Playstation franchise is all hype and worse then Titan fall" and "all new level of verticality in shooters" (like tribes and UT and even Quake to an extent never existed).

It happens with most major releases.

Game looks like a solid 7.5

+ shooting mechanics are solid
+ good amount of maps on release
+ parkour works very well

- campaign is a total joke
- lack of game modes
- lack of weapons and abilities

Graphics do not factor in to a game being good or bad unless they are absolutely atrocious and Titanfall may not look next gen, but it is far from looking atrocious.

To be fair, those games weren't too popular on consoles

User Info: MastaMugen

3 years ago#105
XxReklawxX posted...
lol people with xboxs seriously need to stop crying over there crappy game.

I'm just happy i don't have your crappy a$$ kiddie attitude. That kinda make's my day a little, Simply knowing i don't have this sad and pathetic mentality I've been seeing a lot of since midnight. I've played just about every major mp shooter on every system since rainbow six 3/halo 1. This game rate's very high on that list at the moment. The only way it will get lowered is if i see a lack of balance once everyone has everything unlocked. I can't believe all this hate, I feel like the people who don't like it, even if they played the beta, went into this game with a bad attitude WANTING to find reason's to hate. This is a VERY solid FPS, anyone who has played a fair share of them outside of CoD should see the value in this game. There will be a huge skill curve with all the small thing's you can do, I expect it to evolve the way halo 2 did with new play style's over time.

Speaking of Halo 2, all the hate about how this game relies on server's, guess what? Halo 2 wen't down, it really sucked. At the same time i got over 2000 hours outta that game AT LEAST. I would say even with dropped server's... I obviously got my money's worth. This will be the same. Grow up hater's.

User Info: BTM4444

3 years ago#106
Why does this matter and how is this surprising?

It's an excellent fps and lots of fun. I Played it all last night with little lag.
I'm a Proud Xbox One Owner :)
Microsoft will never sell the Xbox One without Kinect!

User Info: paralyzed21

3 years ago#107
it was obvious right from the start that its an overhyped game
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User Info: nableet

3 years ago#108
Evel138 posted...
nableet posted...
my position is that all user reviewers should be ignored.

You guys have your great reviews (87 MC), you have your game to be playing (you might not if in EU) and yet still you wanna "fight" against the injustice of the user score on MC...... I just don't get why anyone, other than die hard fanboys of either persuasion, cares.

The bold is where we agree entirely. However, I don't want to "fight against the injustice of the user score of MC" (though I like the melodramatic way in which you put it) beyond maybe giving my 2c that its a joke.

I'm all about the drama.

The "you" was a collective "you", not singling you out specifically ;-)
GT: Tyfighta23. PSN: Tee_Doff

User Info: mr_moloch

3 years ago#109
Playstation 4 fanboys have a louder voice online than those who support Xbox One. I do not think this is necessarily because there is more of them, but rather over time it will become apparent that there is an age difference. Children and teenagers are less likely to care about the Xbox One because their consoles are situated in the bedroom. Xbox one owners are likely to be older as the all in one media hub idea, is meant for the living room.

Bottom line, PS4 fanboys are more likely to be immature - going around trolling message boards and leaving nonsense 'user reviews'
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User Info: lolcopter133787

3 years ago#110
It's not a bad game, to be sure, but I just don't get what all the hype is about. The multiplayer is quite fun, and the vertical feel of the game is good, but I doubt this will be a serious system-seller, since PC is getting it, too. That's what I'll probably end up getting it for.
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