Titanfall user score on metacritic is 4.9

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User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#121
It wobbles with intensity as I look deeply into it's salty covered soul centered within a lime yellow husk. The small scattered bubbles of hatred trapped inside are highlighted by the sunlight the mass prevents.

It sits there, forever silent, a wobbling silhouette.
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User Info: Izzythewinner

3 years ago#122
the game keeps freezing on me. ugh screw this game, time to play dark souls 2 on my ps3.
I hate Western Designed video games, but i love Eastern Designed ones.
JRPG games are my favorite. I tried Call of Duty and i didnt like it one bit.

User Info: Cudlecakes

3 years ago#123
I am a "PS" fanboy seeing as I like the PS systems quite a bit more, but I also own every single Microsoft console and enjoy titanfall. Right now it has a 6.0 not a 4.9, people who say that because there are some people who like to hate on the xbox that every single Ps fan is the same. Just play the damn game if you like it.

User Info: AceAndJunpei

3 years ago#124
As usual I skipped the entire topic to post this, and I'm sure it's been said:

Lol @ user scores. Angry nerds on the internet wreck those up all the time ala DmC.

User Info: MastaMugen

3 years ago#125
TrueGB posted...
MastaMugen posted...
XxReklawxX posted...
lol people with xboxs seriously need to stop crying over there crappy game.

Speaking of Halo 2, all the hate about how this game relies on server's, guess what? Halo 2 wen't down, it really sucked. At the same time i got over 2000 hours outta that game AT LEAST. I would say even with dropped server's... I obviously got my money's worth. This will be the same. Grow up hater's.

You know Halo 2 Anniversary will include its multiplayer mode, right?

Hell yea dude i'm hoping it's as faithful as possible (BxR's, BxB's, crouch-jump ledge's... just all around balance) I miss a game of pure skill and barely any luck. I also just remembered the leveling system, best outta any mp shooter out there. I was so close to getting a symbol and i plan to try my best to get it this time around. I think anniversary will kill my free time for a while tbh. Looking forward to it...

Any halo 2 vets out there, hit me up Gt: KB ReDZ

User Info: Shadowfxd2

3 years ago#126
Must not be that great, if all the apologists are here instead of playing it...
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User Info: GigerSupreme

3 years ago#127
it is a multiplayer only game with no singleplayer that is 60 bucks that is riddled with DLC.

id argue that 4.9 is being generous.

User Info: Orange_Apples

3 years ago#128
Isn't that just how User Score on Metacritic works?

Good games get 5s
Great games get 8s
Bad games get 3s.
Hated games get 1s
Unplayable games get 10s

User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#129
Ugh. I probably should have waited until after work to grab my copy instead of over lunch. Now it's just sitting here on my desk. Taunting me.

Stupid game. Leave me alone for the next 4 hours! Jerk. :p
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User Info: Evel138

3 years ago#130
nableet posted...
Evel138 posted...
nableet posted...
my position is that all user reviewers should be ignored.

You guys have your great reviews (87 MC), you have your game to be playing (you might not if in EU) and yet still you wanna "fight" against the injustice of the user score on MC...... I just don't get why anyone, other than die hard fanboys of either persuasion, cares.

The bold is where we agree entirely. However, I don't want to "fight against the injustice of the user score of MC" (though I like the melodramatic way in which you put it) beyond maybe giving my 2c that its a joke.

I'm all about the drama.

The "you" was a collective "you", not singling you out specifically ;-)

Oh, I know....and I did actually like the comment. Mockery is always a nice touch in getting ones point across.....something I appreciate ;)
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