TitanFall 2 will be an Xbox One exclusive

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User Info: Entotrte

3 years ago#71
It won't be an Xbox One exclusive, it will be an Xbox One and PC exclusive.
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User Info: Roris0A

3 years ago#72
It's kinda possible for the sequel to be exclusive for a temporary time period if titanfall has blockbuster sales and does somehow drive console sales.. But I doubt it. I think everyone feels by now that while titanfall is a great game, it's simply not call of duty big.

To add to that, Respawn is independent and wants to remain that way after the fiasco with Activision so no chance of ms buying them while also EA, the main party behind Titanfall's budget, obviously wants this game on the ps4. So it's hard to imagine the series not going to ps4.

User Info: Order1886

3 years ago#73
James Mason posted...
Think of it for a second. If Titanfall 1 truly uses the power of the "cloud" and it still fails to deliver 1080p 60 FPS , or even attempt 30 FPS, on a game made on a ten year old Steam Engine... What does that tell you of the Xbox One's hardware ? In what way does this "news" paint it in a great light again ?

Oh snap!

User Info: knightimex

3 years ago#74
Titanfall 2 will be on ps4 as well as be the superior version.

This will be factual soon enough.
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User Info: teehee23

3 years ago#75
knightimex posted...
Titanfall 2 will be on ps4 as well as be the superior version.

This will be factual soon enough.

We guarantee no.
ps4 might not even be around in a few years if sony goes under.
We wager a bag of chips!
We believe Jack Tretton quit working at Sony to play more Titanfall on Xbox #1.

User Info: GigerSupreme

3 years ago#76
GondolinRises posted...
Nope. Sales potential on the ps4 is too large.

the only reason why TF is stuck on the xbone is because of the underestimation of the sales of the ps4 and the over estimation of the xbone. contractually, EA has to commit to the xbone this time.

and EA being EA always follows the money. the money is on ps4. not xbone.

User Info: iHandsomeDevil

3 years ago#77
This guy thinks the A.I in this game is Skynet or something LOL
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User Info: Porunga

3 years ago#78
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
Lmao Sony kids are flip flopping harder than John Kerry running against George W.

>lol xbots have fun with your inferior port we get 1080p 60fps LOL

>eh I was never really excited for it. Its just another dudebro shooter, and Killzone is better anyways.

>Titanfall 2 WILL be on PS4, because sales! Lol xbots have fun with your cloud and your 792p!

You DO know that the sony base doesn't have some kind of hive mind. Right? There are different opinions within the player base. The opinions and actions of one does not reflect the opinions and actions of the whole. You honestly can't be that stupid, can you?

User Info: 3HP

3 years ago#79
mike468 posted...
3HP posted...

Almost all of the PS3's first party(owned by Sony) games had dedicated servers(operated by Sony) for online multiplayer while almost none of the 360's entire library did even though everyone had to pay for Gold. They only just recently shut down the servers for R:FoM which was a launch title.

Keyword is first party. You said it yourself.

Sony has not opened their servers up to third party developers and publisher, the way MS has for Azure. Which is exactly my point. Any PS TitanFall version would most certainly use EA's servers, not Sony's.

"The problem is they are not Sony's servers, but the developers. Yes Sony has allowed dedicated servers on the ps3 and ps4, but Sony doesn't own or operate them. Call of Duty and BF use dedicated servers, but they are owned and operated by Activision and EA and we've seen how reliable those servers are."

So you are flip-flopping on your original statement?

User Info: ThePylon

3 years ago#80
I hope it is for ps4. Then ill be trading the xbox for a ps4.
I play too many different games to even care.
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