How come PS4 1080p to XB1 720p does not matter, but XB1 792p to 360 720p does

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  3. How come PS4 1080p to XB1 720p does not matter, but XB1 792p to 360 720p does

User Info: garaine

3 years ago#31
garcia_jx posted...
It's not about the the resolution, it's about the graphics.

this^ even at the same resolution xbox one will look better in most cases than xbox 360. better textures and graphics, if it does look the same i'm not gonna lose sleep over it ir enjoy the game any less.

User Info: kcypher2000

3 years ago#32
orestes1981 posted...
Izraeil posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
ComparisonMan posted...
I am NOT a PS4 fan and think KillZone sucked ass and Dead Rising 3 kicks ass.

But will the stulid rumor that Killzone is not 1080p freaking die already.

The team came forward less then a weak ago proving it was native 1080p and not scaled. The site that made the claim was using outdated methods of checking that do not work with newer engine techniques.

Link this because what i read on ign they admitted that MP was upscaled.

Yeah you were wrong.

Nobody wants to respond to that, get out.

Because people hate facts that prove them wrong.

Funny how he disappeared after i posted that link proving KZ is not 1080p.

Fact that ponies couldnt tell just proves resolution does not matter that much.

User Info: SolidManifest

3 years ago#33
So if I show you an internally rendered 720P game output to 1080p you wont notice? FYI I'll be using Dark Souls w/DSfix to demo
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User Info: SaltyBotz

3 years ago#34
ComparisonMan posted...
Seriously everyone on XB boards act like 1080p does not matter compared to 720 because 360p is to small to notice.

But that same logic TF is 792p on XB1 and 720p on 360. So why are they acting like 72p is a huge difference and worth buying a $500 console? But 360p is not worth saving $100? The logic here for XB1 fans confuse me greatly.

Actually you bring up a good point. If someone doesn't have the money for the Xbone, just get the 360 version of Titanfall. Problem = solved. People who are buying the Xbone are buying it partly based on future anticipation of games. How many people bought the PS4 based on anticipation alone? Most of the ponies here trolling clearly did, and are busy trolling the Xbone forums on gamefaqs while their PS4s are busy collecting dust because there aren't any games worth playing. But somehow its an atrocity if someone buys an Xbone based on anticipation alone, but its suddenly OK if someone buys a PS4 for the same reason. Amazing how pony logic works....

User Info: Hanzo31

3 years ago#35
KillZone Single player IS Native 1080p the Multiplayer is NOT.
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User Info: FrankoSpanko

3 years ago#36
Because fanboys can't accept that their system is inferior in any way.
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