Right now, we're seeing what it would have been like...

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User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#41
Flash-Incentive posted...
mcnichoj posted...
Then you would have problems with your game every other week with PSN servers.

Sony never mentioned always online at all? Not that i mentioned them.

And as an owner of XONE and PS4, I just want to have a good time. But I can't.

and in 15 years how often has this happened? maybe 6 times?

get a life if it affects you that badly

User Info: rb10001

3 years ago#42
bump as a lot of these kiddie weirdos or grown adult hermits just got "owned" as the kids say. if you over 30 and still a fanboy you need serious help. there will be a point in your life when you don't care what system you play your stupid games on.

why do i even still come to gamefaqs when this place is freaking littered with these kiddies? the damn ps4 forum has them as well just not as bad as here. i must be insane as i come to these boards every day expecting things to be different.

User Info: 8waystomonday

3 years ago#43
rb10001 posted...
8waystomonday posted...
rb10001 posted...
when psn was down for me just a couple day ago these are the things i could not do:

i could not view my library
i could not play warframe, blacklight or dc universe
resogun and other games leaderboards did not work
i could not play singleplayer in battlefeild 4

the only thing i could do was play killzone singleplayer and watch netflix/hulu. please keep in mind i was logged in to psn at the time of the maintenance and still everything was shut down for me.

not to mention when ever i swap the HDD too much (trying to find the best hdd for the ps4) i have to go online and restore my licenses or i can play nothing.

what does this sound like to you? both ms and sony are the same. sony was smart and did not tell their consumers the truth. ms should have lied as well/

And for the other 99% of psn users this was not the case, so either this is bs, something is wrong on your end or just unlucky. But since 99% of users didnt have those problems i have trouble seeing any lying on sonys part

you're kidding me right? right? why on earth would i take the time to post bs? i thought my detailed info would show i am no fanboy and own the system. right now psn is down again by the way. no lying on sonys part? ok... they made it sound like everything worked offline. hell, when psn is down, the tabs for the games do not even load.

check my psn when it's back up and you'll see me playing resogun and warframe

psn: mississippi_gary

Once again 99% of psn users are not having any of those problems, psn is not down, ive been on it all day, never ever had any problems with game tabs loading, never not been able to play any game. Again this sounds either like it is a problem on your end, bs or bad luck but of 99.9% of users are not having any of those problems then it is not a problem with psn service wide, everything does work offline since me and plenty others are not having those problems and never have.
"Sugar enriched flour, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, polysorbate 60 and yellow dye #5. Everything a growin' boy needs."

User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#44
ryugamba posted...
Wrong. I can't log in but i still can play my games solo and even access to the store.
However i can't play online modes.


If you can't do this, then you're doing something wrong.
Always O.G.

User Info: GondolinRises

3 years ago#45
mcnichoj posted...
fanboy drivel.

xbone one trolls like this make this board terrible.
Can't keep a good man down. More Fe + C than you.
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