Does anybody else feel disappointed by Titanfall at all...? Even a little..?

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  3. Does anybody else feel disappointed by Titanfall at all...? Even a little..?

User Info: TheWarhammeronl

3 years ago#111
I actually just got a refund from origin ( I bought it on PC)

I just feel like it isn't worth a $60 price tag.

After level 30 It felt stale, and I knew how each match would turn out.

I also feel like there is not enough content in the unlockables department.
At level 30 I don't think I even changed my main ability away from cloak, I also am pretty sure I used the SMG ever since level 8, and no other gun has given me a reason to change.
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User Info: IMProdiGY

3 years ago#112
Deedubau posted...
This game to me feels like a really good arcade game you don't feel bad spending tokens on (because getting tickets is where it's at). Instantly fun and easy to get into, flashy graphics and gameplay, but low on content and substance after a while. Now that I think of it, I think the developers should get a pass for not having a ton of content because they had to design this game from scratch, rather than having something to reference from. But now that they got the mechanics and gameplay down, I expect the next game to have much more features :)

You hit it on the head!!
You know you're old when you know what flipping a game means!! glhf

User Info: CannondaleBob

3 years ago#113
Best game I ever played!!!!!!!........

On xbox one

User Info: sdouma

3 years ago#114
I did NOT play the beta, so my assessment may be biased.
I am enjoying the game mostly.. (played maybe 8 hrs total so far). I have some bones to pick...
The minimap.. although it does display where enemy players and enemy NPCs are, it is difficult to interpret due to the added dimension of height.
Sometimes when playing I feel like my character is getting killed from who-knows-where due to the giant clusters of players (enemy and friendly) that can conglomerate in locations.
some of my biggest gripes:
If you use your titan you are an INSTANT target for anyone (and everyone) on the enemy team.... I don't think I've lasted more than 90 seconds in any one of my titans... perhaps this is typical, but I feel like I can "score" more when a pilot, then when a titan.
Again... when in my titan I find it difficult to interpret the feedback I am getting from the game... (mainly against other titans) e.g.... am I damaging the other titan? Is that titans shield up and I am doing no damage? Where am I taking this damage from? why am i suddenly dead ( i was JUST alive with 90%+ health)!

Also confusing is that there is no "fluid" transition between being a pilot and commanding the titan.... you go from being pilot to getting in your titan... Once in your titan you need to get your sense of direction back and re-evaluate your surroundings...

I could go on and on.... that being said If I got another chance I think I would have played beta and made a better assessment of the game before I purchased it...
I personally wouldn't buy it over again. I will continue to play for another few weeks. I am sure i will either trade this game in by the end of April or sell it on ebay in the next couple weeks.
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  3. Does anybody else feel disappointed by Titanfall at all...? Even a little..?

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