Does anybody else feel disappointed by Titanfall at all...? Even a little..?

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  3. Does anybody else feel disappointed by Titanfall at all...? Even a little..?

User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
3 years ago#81
BigSnappaX posted...
no.... i do wish there was a single player mode tho, or a sorta story mode

Wait, it's purely multi-player?
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User Info: Deedubau

3 years ago#82
OP, I think this game is awesome, but it's really lacking in content. I'm not talking about lack of SP but I really makes me rethink of how much value I got in the Cod and Halo games when I played them back in the day. I took it for granted back in the day, but looking back in it now there was so many things Halo Reach came packed with on top of the campaign which i really enjoyed. I know people here want games to be reviewed for what is and what it isn't but I think it's unfair to give a game a high score when its lacking in content compared to other games in the same genre and gameplay. We should value and expect more for the same 60 bucks and pay X amount of money more for an acceptable amount of content. Yes games are already focused on dlc but like I said Halo reach already came with a ton of content right out of the box.

User Info: DaTreasureChest

3 years ago#83
I'm not sure if I want to buy it. I got Mag on release (which is an online only game) and now I have a useless disc. I'm not sure if this will happen with this game a few years down the road as well. Especially if when Titanfall 2 comes out and the servers aren't worth maintaining anymore. I'm not very good at FPS games anyways and I dunno if It'll be able to beat BF4 on my PC.
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User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#84
gohoanq posted...
That's my question. I know I am. Not enough content.. everything feels same-y.. and I actually am starting to wish there was a mode without Titans. lol

No hate BS.. I don't care if you're a fanboy. If you like it a lot go ahead and say so that's fine, but no need to insult people and/or start crap for no reason lol

This is just a simple question, I'd like your guys' honest opinions on the game so far.

It's pretty mediocre. Good for you for actually seeing it and not buying into the group think. That said, I hope you have fun playing it and get your money's worth at least.
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User Info: Sorbetowulf

3 years ago#85
To be honest, while I could have done without the single-player campaign, I'm really disappointed in the multiplayer campaign. It's really... really bad. I don't quite know what I was expecting with a multiplayer only campaign, but there seems to be little impact between winning or losing a fight.

Did anyone play the 360 Live Arcade game Hybrid? It had an interesting little map-based campaign between two sides over territories, where players could select servers and fight battles that progressively had an impact on control of the world. It was simple, but even that made it feel like winning a fight meant something on the larger campaign. They could have done something similar here. Hopefully they still can.

TL;DR: I haven't played enough of the whole came to spot disappointing, campaign was lame.

User Info: skermac

3 years ago#86
gohoanq posted...
skermac posted...
TC topic failed, 41 posts and no one is disappointed at all. Try again tc.

Anytime I see you post you're trying to piss someone off lol

I've seen several people say they were disappointed.

That's not the point though is it? I just wanted to know people's honest feelings on the game. I feel it could be a lot "better" but it's not "bad" either. It's just a little disappointing to me.

By the way I stated in my original post NO FANBOYS yet here you are. :)

I would never try to piss anyone off, maybe I'm misunderstood? lol :) But I will apologize to you because I misunderstood you. I thought this thread was trying to bait people into bashing TF. Now I see it wasn't your intention.

No fanboy here, but I will speak positively of games I like.
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User Info: skermac

3 years ago#87
deathsaber79 posted...
TC is right.

Just wait. Right now everyone is in the honeymoon phase, loving their purchase, buying into the hype that MS paid all the gaming press to spread.

Give it a month- the games lack of content, modes, polish, or really intriguing weaponry, combined with the blah-ness of killing bots and low player count will give this a short shelf life- mark my words. CoD takes a lot of crap, but the reality is, they virtually put 3 games in one every year (single player campaign, competitive MP, and cooperative MP- TItanfall literally has about 1/3 of the content of its peers.

There is a foundation here for something special, but it will come for the sequel once there is AAA level money, time, and resources available to Respawn to develop something bigger.

There will be a lot of dlc to keep it fresh.
To the edge of the universe and back, endure and survive

User Info: The Last Cetra

The Last Cetra
3 years ago#88
Yep. I seem to be in the minority when it comes to giving a crap about a first person shooter having a solid single player experience to go along with the online multiplayer, but here I stand. Sixty bucks feels like a big rip off for an online multiplayer only title. I'll pick it up when it eventually drops to 30 or less, where it should be.
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User Info: Xfma100

3 years ago#89
FranknFeinstein posted...
Xfma100 posted...
I haven't played the game yet, but I was disappointed to find out how many game modes the game launched with. (There are like 5 playlists?)

DLC coming soon.

Free DLC or paid DLC?
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User Info: LloydIrving84

3 years ago#90
Origin had this thing called a "Great Game Guarantee" that lets you return certain games within 24 hours of first launch or something like that. I took them up on it.

Bought it yesterday, downloaded it, played it most of the evening... And returned it promptly after. I'm not saying it's BAD by any means. It just isn't 60 bucks worth of good IMO. I'll wait til I can find it on sale before picking it up again.

Despite all that, I'm honestly not that disappointed by it. I went into it not expecting to be blown away, and I was right on the money.
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  3. Does anybody else feel disappointed by Titanfall at all...? Even a little..?

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