Halo 5 or Gears of War 4

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User Info: joeymegs

3 years ago#1
One can either have Halo 5 or Gear 4 right now. Which one? - Results (158 votes)
Halo 5
57.59% (91 votes)
Gear of War 4
42.41% (67 votes)
This poll is now closed.
As much as I love Halo, I would choose Gears of War 4. The reason is because I really want to see what Black Tusk studios can bring the the Gears of War universe.
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#2
Gears 4 all day.
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User Info: RedFive3

3 years ago#3
Gears is good, but Halo Is better.
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User Info: Kovalchuk_

3 years ago#4
Gears baby!

User Info: MonicasBack

3 years ago#5
Gears. Hoping the new studio can bring it back to greatness after epic ran it into the ground.

User Info: Hudson_RL

3 years ago#6
I like halo but I love gears. They're my favourite multiplayer games. Can never get enough of the first 3. I enjoyed judgment at first but quickly turned my back on it.

User Info: FourManSeven

3 years ago#7
Halo killed itself with Halo Reach and 4.

User Info: Pudgeisafish

3 years ago#8
I love both series, but Gears always felt so EPIC to me!

Husband introduced Gears' couch coop story mode, and ever since been super excited about anything Gears.

Yes, even though many weren't thrilled by Judgment, I enjoyed it too.

User Info: teehee23

3 years ago#9
HALO 5 or Gears 4 is as difficult decision as it will ever get in life...

On the one hand, HALO is the defining game franchise of the century with perfect game play and epic storytelling.
On the other hand, the Gears of War franchise is among the very bestest for revolutionary action combat and co-op play.

One day we choose HALO 5 and the next day Gears 4.
Thankfully both HALO 5 and Gears 4 are exclusive to Xbox #1 and we don't needs to choose just one.
We believe Jack Tretton quit working at Sony to play more Titanfall on Xbox #1.

User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#10
Gears 100% not even a question.
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