What's your next game purchase?

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User Info: BigLongDowner

3 years ago#1
Trials Fusion is on my radar. Can't wait!
GT - Typ3 O Negativ3
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User Info: bountyhunter85

3 years ago#2
Mario Kart 8 will be my next game purchase.
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User Info: mcnichoj

3 years ago#3
MGS>inFamous 2/J-Stars/FFXHD
PSN/XBL/Steam: mcnichoj
Proud Vita/3DS/Wii U owner. Day one PS4/X1. | Wanting people to have full knowledge of the facts about a console makes you a fanboy.

User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#4
I'm likely gonna buy Child of Light next month.

User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#5
Metal Gear... then probably won't buy anything till Child of Light.

User Info: Geist

3 years ago#6
Probably DR3 when it drops in price a bit. I have what I want. What I need is an WRPG for this puppy, but alas that seems to be a bit far off.
For I am the Kwisatz Haderach!

User Info: Speedymaverick

3 years ago#7
Watch dogs

User Info: galvatron81uk

3 years ago#8
Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z.
Gamertag GALVATRON 81 Nintendo ID Wariotron
www.twitch.tv/galvatron81 www.youtube.com/user/galvatron81uk

User Info: MasterSword546

3 years ago#9
FFX/X-2 HD and InFamous SS.
I'm going to marry Taylor Swift one day <3 PSN: Raptix546
3DS FC: 5455-9563-5441 IGN: Alex SV:1238

User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#10
Tales of Xillia 2 / Kingdom Hearts 2.5, whichever comes out first.
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