For those who have both a ps4 and a xbone?

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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#11
this board is so much more peaceful without that Ilikegamesman guy
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User Info: shockwavematty

3 years ago#12
I own both have owned nearly every system since the atari

If i were to choose one system i would easily choose the ps4. The xbox one menus are clunky and laggy compared to the ps4. So much harder to repy to a message etc as the menus are so slow,

Graphics wise etc the ps4 is definetley the system of choice. Everyone saying that the xbox can be updated but they forget the ps4 will be updated also.

My xbox one will only be used for exclusives and all multiplat games will be on the ps4.

User Info: Combo626

3 years ago#13
I have both and I love them both. I like the DS4 better than the XBOX One controller, but I love the futuristic-esque features of the XBOX One. Plus the PS4's UI is horrible bland trash.

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#14
Own both but gave my ps4 to my brother and we both own each multiplat and they look and play exactly the same, there's no difference at all unless you sit there and analyse the screen side by side for 10 minutes.

They're both amazing.
GT: Tyron3L1o
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User Info: shockwavematty

3 years ago#15
There is a difference as I game on 145 inch 1080p looks allot better

User Info: gunstar808

3 years ago#16
I own both as well and definitely spent more time with the X1. To be fair I bought Black Flag, BF4 and Ghosts for X1. But I also enjoyed DR3, Ryse and Titanfall.

I'm looking forward to Second Son though for sure. But right now I'm enjoying Dark Souls II. It comes down to the games. System loyalty is a silly thing.
GT: Arlong

User Info: desert_santa

3 years ago#17
Enjoy both and cannot tell any difference in graphics. All the experts say ps4 is better though. All I can say is it looks better than my 360 and ps3.

Right now I think the xbone is better gaming wise, but in the long run ps4 will most likely be better if the last two gens were any indication.

My only gripe with the ps4 is the short controller battery life. Not as bad as the Wii u though(another console I love). Otherwise both controllers feel great to me.

User Info: krillin4553

3 years ago#18
I use my Xbone more. My PS4 has only had a few hours of use over the past month or two. It's a cool system but there's no games on it when you don't count multiplat. I expect that to change soon, I hope.
XBL/PSN/NinID: DocDrazen. Proud owner of all current/next Gen systems/custom build PC. What console war? XD

User Info: shockwavematty

3 years ago#19
End of the day they are both awesome systems im glad to own both and happy there is a healthy rivalry.

User Info: Semp1

3 years ago#20
I own both and at first I seriously thought it was all about ps4 considering the multi platform games are superior on the os4 at least for now untl the issue is fixed. But the xbone keeps surprising with all of it's great exclusives. Titanfall is amazing. I'm looking forward to infamous though.
XBONE+PS4=True Gamer.
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