For those who have both a ps4 and a xbone?

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User Info: b1ind5ide

3 years ago#41
Have both (as well as last gen)... sadly the thing I'm looking forward to the most is DW8 Complete. Titanfall was okay... the maps are huge but lacking players due to needing the space for titans and using bots as filler. Ryse was "pretty".... don't care about racing (other than mario kart) and fighters...everything else is on this gen and last gen.

They are both great systems with nothing to play. Nothing out to take away or add to either system. . I'd recommend the PS4 though. I like the UI better (feels more professional) and never had issues with either controls (friend cannot use a PS controller). PS+ has better rewards especially with having the ps3. The coolest thing about the xbox 1 is voice commands for the tv.... have lost so many remotes and had to scramble to find when some horrible stuff was on when you first turn the tv on...... voice commands solve that nightmare.

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#42
Got both and prefer the Xbox One. I actually fired up the PS4 for the first time in weeks though because Infamous came out and I am enjoying it. If I had to choose, however, I would go Xbox One.
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User Info: Blackmagikks

3 years ago#43
i liked my xbone so much that i sold my ps4 shortly after playing infamous
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#44
Tyronelio1 posted...
Own both but gave my ps4 to my brother and we both own each multiplat and they look and play exactly the same, there's no difference at all unless you sit there and analyse the screen side by side for 10 minutes.

They're both amazing.

So i guess you are that guy now

User Info: ShadowNinja87

3 years ago#45
Both are good systems but I could only afford one right now and I went ps4 for several reasons.

I owned both a 360 and ps3 last gen and loved both. But MS really let me down last gen in the exclusives department. Its like once they had the sales lead in the U.S and U.K with the 360 they abandoned exclusive halfway through the console cycle and just relied on multiplats and timed DLC for Call of Duty, and sequel after sequel to Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable. Sony killed MS last gen in the exclusive department and that was the major reason I went ps4 for the time being. I know in the long run Sony will have the exclusive games I enjoy. MS on the other hand has yet to prove that they can last 6-10 years in the exclusive department.

My opinion is that this

Ps4 is for hardcore gamers as its a pure/ powerful gaming machine and media machine second.

Xbox One is for more of the casual/ main stream crowd ( the call of duty crowd you could say) that want media features and motion and voice commands with games like Call of Duty, Halo etc.

Just depends on what your looking for really. You can't go wrong with either console as both will have amazing games and features.

User Info: revolution3603

3 years ago#46
I'm enjoying both I've played ps4 a little more not because I like it more but because of the free indies. Those freebies provided some fun during the after holiday drought experienced by both consoles
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User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#47
ps4 never gets turned on. Only games I have for it are the free indie games and only outlast is interesting to me. I don't like any of the current exclusives for it.

Xbox one gets played on a regular basis. I got it first because of ps4 shortage so I bought bf4, forza on it, and now titanfall. I like the controller better for competitive MP.

Most of my games will be on ps4 unless its MP which will be on xbox one because of the controller.

All the other games that I like that would be on ps4 I have on the pc.
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