Microsoft lost a 10 year Xbox brand customer here with the Xbox One

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User Info: protools1983

3 years ago#1
The initial anti consumer plan they had turned me off but even after the backlash and Microsoft caved we were still left with a less powerful, more expensive ugly box where you are still firmly planted in the Xbox "ecosystem" of paywalls and limitations.

I know I am far from an isolated case as Microsoft has managed to alienate a large part of the consumers who have been with them from the beginning. My only hope is that Microsoft stays in the game when they fail this gen, we do need competition after all.
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Yah like dahgs?

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 years ago#2
I bought an xbox late in it's cycle, and got a 360 for last gen, and I'm in a similar situation as you, but I also didnt go with Sony, as I've just dedicated myself to PC gaming after the on-going Xbone Fiascos

User Info: Sxmfct

3 years ago#3
Hey OP do you have a blog or anything? I'd love to subscribe to your musings!
Your move OP

User Info: MasterSword546

3 years ago#4
I bought an OG Xbox and 360 (which RR'd) on launch. I'm not buying an Xbone until every bug with the system is worked out and it's redesigned to be less ugly and take less space up.
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User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#5

User Info: RonBurgundy929

3 years ago#6
Xbox One & PS4: RonBurgundy929

User Info: brownmyster

3 years ago#7
That's nice

User Info: likematches

3 years ago#8
Go home, you're drunk on your own nonsense.
"Jokes on you, I was only PRETENDING to be an idiot!" - Element_Pearl

User Info: Combo626

3 years ago#9
Dear Internet,
Check this out...


User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#10
I also had a 360 and it was my main console for a hefty while in last gen. I only got a PS3 late towards the cycle and MS did a poor job giving me a reason to remain as a faithful customer to them.
We're not alone, that's for sure.
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