Titanfall Lifts Xbox One, But Does PS4 Have a Rebuttal?

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User Info: abbeldydoo

3 years ago#1
Don't mod me bro!

User Info: GondolinRises

3 years ago#2
Yes. Insomniac.
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User Info: krillens

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#4
GondolinRises posted...
Yes. Insomniac.
what game is insomniac making for sony? another ratchet? that would be cool.

User Info: TheBonfini

3 years ago#5
All Sony needs to do is put stock on the shelves. They're selling like recently after release price dropped hot cakes with free extra frosting.
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User Info: blitz_0623

3 years ago#6
GondolinRises posted...
Yes. Insomniac.

Do you mean Sucker Punch
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User Info: crucial

3 years ago#7
Infamous will sell really well,one reason its PS4 only and PS4 has nothing right now so everyone with a PS4 will get this game,I can see it selling 2 million+,with TF and Infamous I am going to be a busy boy.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#9
Ps4 doesn't need anything, it has 1080p and better hardware to look and dust off while trolling here. Infamous is a preference game, doesn't sell to the casuals. They really don't have to worry the systems selling purely of rarity. I've only seen 2 for sale in 3 months in stores. They have the show, Gran turismo eventually, naughty dog will make some mostly movie barely game that oversells. Both systems are fine.

User Info: wake_me_420

3 years ago#10
no software on the radar that will bump system sales like Titanfall for XB1
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