Do the Turtle Bach XO Four's have surround sound?

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User Info: DeathStinger356

3 years ago#1
Im Debating between getting the Microsoft Headset or the Turtle Beach XO Four headset and I'm wondering if the XO Four's have surround sound? If so, then for $20 more it'd be worth it, but I just can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere so I thought I'd ask here.

User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#2
It's virtual
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User Info: robb226

3 years ago#3
The controller as of now is goin dumb everything down to stero anyhow..or at least i think it does, so its a bit redundant...but im iseong the X04's now and was considering the microsoft one as the turtle beach mostly die to the fact the felt like higher quality, the mic is detachable which is nice, but its kind of a toss up...what ive read is its the exact same hardware for sound as the X07s, just without wireless to not too picky..but i dont buy happy with em...hope that helps a bit

User Info: werkz_destroyz

3 years ago#4
They're stereo sound since the mic adapter outputs in stereo...They have the ability for surround but not through the adapter yet..You'll get virtual surround sound if you use optical.
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User Info: Micropolis

3 years ago#5
No absolutely not don't let people confuse you no virtual. It is stereo only. Left and right! No front to back none. Not even virtual front to back. If you want surround buy headsets that plug in or use any you have and buy an adaptor for chat. Huge fail on Microsoft's part.
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  3. Do the Turtle Bach XO Four's have surround sound?

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