Respawn will not exclude other consoles for future projects.

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User Info: Chyld989

3 years ago#31
Aarkshark posted...
Sabram posted...
Microsoft made the deal with EA without consulting Respawn. Vince mentioned in a tweet that it came as a surprise that Titanfall was going to be exclusive.

Respawn has complete contr-


Shhhh, you can't point out things like this or people will rage.

User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#32
Defhimself posted...
-Oath- posted...
They lost my respect. It's too late. They only care about money. They made that obvious.

And who the f*** doesn't!? Do you think these devs get paid by the joy of other gamers?! Do you seriously think the hours they spend on a game coding and programming is just for fun?!

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User Info: Trigg3rH4ppy

3 years ago#33
i love when people make snarky comments about the game being not worth it etc etc and it just goes to show that they have no idea what they're talking about and have never played it.

If someone says they don't enjoy it and actually sound like they know what they're talking about that's fine, but as far as these other tools who've never even tried the game go... I'm glad people like that won't get a chance to play the game, i like watching s****y people being deprived of happiness
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User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#34
Technically the response Abbie gave wasn't that they wouldn't exclude other platforms in the future but that the idea of going onto other platforms isn't excluded.

I fully expect Titanfall 2 to be on PS4, but just don't think it is right to twist the words as an official statement that they aren't going to be exclusionary in the future.

User Info: chrish909

3 years ago#35
Apparently tf doubled x1 sales in uk, why would ms allow it to go multiplat?

Ponies and their neverending reassurance, they pobably dont even realize that they are here for reassurance purposes.
This is why I'm never going to get a ps4

User Info: megaman1376

3 years ago#36
i just hope titanfall2 has an offline multiplayer option and splitscreen maybe then it will be better
so far i am unimpressed by titanfall 1 it seems kinda of fun but online only give me a single player campaing and splitscreen and i will buy it

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#37
-Oath- posted...
They lost my respect. It's too late. They only care about money. They made that obvious.

Being a game developer is a job. If people truly feel that money isn't important, they should tell their boss today that all future work they do will be pro bono. See if that person can feed their family on "passion" and "not selling out to the man".
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#38
I for one think it's a dumb idea.

Not because I'm a fanboy of any kind, but because what is the f***ing point of owning both systems if everything is the same?

I mean at least even Nintendo has unique games, enough to justify your purchase (debatable), but it's just dumb when both systems offer the same things.
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User Info: ExempliGratia

3 years ago#39
SolidManifest posted...
VeonVoid posted...
So does Respawn still own the rights to Titanfall or is EA now the IP holder of that franchise?

Respawn owns everything. Their name and IP. If they are not contracted to make another game by EA they can technically pack up and find another publisher
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User Info: UtterMoon

3 years ago#40
That's cool...and hopefully they will do a better job with Titanfall 2, I would love to see them be more creative with all of the money they make from the first game...but this is good news for gamers as a whole...I've never been a fan of "exclusive" rights for third party developers.
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