EA buys Titanfall rights

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User Info: garcia_jx

3 years ago#1
So it has began

User Info: gobuffalo30

3 years ago#2

But doesn't mean MS exclusivity

User Info: towlie_420

3 years ago#3
No, but it means we are probably playing the last GOOD Titanfall game.
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User Info: Zell959

3 years ago#4
Eh, by the time Titanfall 2 comes out, I'm going to own both systems anyway.

User Info: Aarkshark

3 years ago#5
...Is this really news?
EA already controlled Respawn, since they were able to go over their head to negotiate exclusivity rights with MS.
I guess it's on paper now, though.
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User Info: gobuffalo30

3 years ago#6
So I guess it's going to replace MOH.

User Info: benjimain

3 years ago#7
They'll just throw Titanfall in the trash now and leave it as barebones as is, and focus strictly on putting its assets and more in a more beefed up Titanfall 2, to bring it to the 6m+ PS4 owners.

User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#8
As long as it goes multiplat for TF2, I'll be somewhat happy. "Somewhat" because we know EA will take what is a fun game and trash it.
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User Info: Enclave

3 years ago#9
FYI, read the article. EA doesn't own Titanfall, they just secured the rights to publish Titanfall 2.
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User Info: BSerenity

3 years ago#10
Publishing rights not IP. Learn the difference please.
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