How did they f*** up the Xbone's UI after the success of the 360's?

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User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#51
2ndAtomisk posted...
Kyle1022 posted...
aszsith posted...
Kyle1022 posted...
They pretty much had it as close as you could get to perfect with the Xbox 360 UI. Then comes the Xbone... the store is f***ed up, the home button brings you home instead of the nice little menu, voice chat has a whole slew of problems, it's difficult to find game invites if you miss the notification, doesn't notify you when friends get online, black screen when you turn it on, etc.

They could have copy and pasted the 360 UI and just allowed multitasking, and it would have been perfect. Why change just for the sake of change? It'd be one thing if it was a sidegrade, but it's a DOWNgrade...

The bolded part is the dumbest thing I've read today, and I read a gaming an article on Yahoo and one on Motley Fool as well as most of the threads on the first few pages.

It is called the HOME button. Of course it takes you to the HOME screen.

Stop being so dense. It was called the HOME BUTTON on the 360 and it didn't directly bring you home when you pressed it. Go troll somewhere else.

It's called the guide button on 360.

Don't bother. A technical schematic designed for a child to read was provided to explain this and the person STILL didn't get it.
ALL games should have a Single Player mode. I can always guarantee I want to play when I turn on my system. I can't guarantee others will at the same time.

User Info: Kyle1022

3 years ago#52
DeadLock25 posted...
Idk about everyone else, but I addressed everyone of your concerns TC. Some of those concerns indicate and inherent ignorance on your part, which brings into question the legitimacy of your concerns and your comprehension of the new UI. Things like friends notifications are implausible, while not being able to see notifications after they pop up is simply false, and in this case its just as easy to do as it was on the 360.

Now you are saying that the problem must be with the X1 not your TV. Have you actually tried turning off Overscan and calibrating your tv? (this means physically going into X1 settings and clicking "Calibrate TV") It may not be Overscan, but it may be an issue with the aspect ratio, which can be adjusted manually in increments if, as you said, your TV is a newer model. It seems like you have not actually tried solving the issues before complaining about them. I had over-scan on by default (my TV is a couple of years old as well, and I too did not have any issues on other devices) and turning it off fixed it for me.

Its one thing to say "here are things/issues I dont understand, why is it done this way and how can I fix them?" and another to say "The Xbox 1 has so many issues, I dont know how to fix it, so its a stupid device" Your attitude and your points indicate that you did the latter, which as you can assume is pretty idiotic.

EDIT: Try to understand, I was in the same position as you when I got the console. I thought going to the dashboard was stupid and impractical and that needing an app for friends is dumb. Then I realized that the 360 was much worse because to do anything you had to quit your game for good. The guide menu was quick and easy, but it acted like a limited dashboard. Now you have the whole dashboard and all its capabilities, without the limits of the smaller menu on the 360. Its different yes, but it takes just as many if not less button presses to get to where you need to go on the X1 than it did on the 360.

No, you only addressed one of my problems, the notifications one. Your first point is opinion, I like the 360 guide better because it didn't lag and wasn't glitchy. Your second point is "I personally don't have this issue, so it's not an issue." Your third point I have yet to try, but if it's true then thank you, because I can't find s*** on this mess. Your fourth point isn't even a point and is basically agreeing with me, there's no excuse for not being able to be notified when friends get online. Your fifth point is like the second point. Many people have had party/Skype chat issues and black screen issues, just because you don't have them doesn't mean it isn't an issue. Your point about the tv isn't a point either. It's still obviously a flaw in the Xbone considering it's the ONLY device I've ever had that has had this problem, and the case is the same with many others. It doesn't matter if it's fixable by messing with the tv, the principle of the matter is that you still have to f*** with your tv to fix it, which you shouldn't.

aszsith posted...
and the person STILL didn't get it.

The irony
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