Do You Think Xbox One Has Better Exclusives?

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User Info: richboy900

3 years ago#21
Yeah I'd buy the Xbox one for the exclusives alone. Forza and halo ftw. I have always preferred Microsoft exclusives but Sony probably will end up with more like last gen.

User Info: ShadowNinja87

3 years ago#22
Halo and Gears of War and Titanfall are the only major exclusives I give a crap about on Xbox. But considering how meh both Halo 4 and Gears of War Judgement turned out, I don't think I am missing much by switching to ps4. I definitely would prefer playing Uncharted 5, Last of us 2, and David Cage's next game over any Xbox exclusive but that just my opinion.

I probably will buy an X1 when Gears 4 hits..

User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#23
Not right now.

For me the only exclusives I'm enjoying on X1 is Titanfall and (to a much lesser extent) Killer Instinct.
On PS4 the only exclusives I'm happy with are Killzone and (tomorrow) Infamous SS.

Dead Rising 3 wasn't really special for me but it was worth a playthrough. I'm likely never going to touch Forza so I can't make a comment about how good or bad it is. Fable never caught my interest. Halo 2 anniversary doesn't do much for me because A) The Halo 2 campaign was my least favorite Halo campaign from a gameplay standpoint and B) the MP will likely just be Halo 2 maps being remade on the latest Halo engine with the latest Halo gameplay (which probably won't be as good, but who knows).
Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive could end up being great but I just can't jump on the hype train for IPs that haven't shown any actual/substantial gameplay (can't wait for e3). I'll remain cautiously optimistic about what 343i does with Halo 5 because Halo 4 didn't quite manage to fill the shoes that Bungie left for them. As for Gears... I wish they would've just let it end with 3 but I'm willing to ignore Judgement and see what they do with the series.

As for the PS4 (and as far as which exclusives I'm looking out for) I'm also uncertain of the future. I loved Infamous games. They were never ground breaking but they were still a lot of fun and I expect the same enjoyment from SS even if they don't do anything "new" or "innovative". I loved the Uncharted series (except for Golden Abyss) so I'm definitely looking forward to Uncharted 4. Other than those two games, I put the ps4 on the same level as the xbone concerning my excitement for future exclusives. What I've seen of The Order looks beautiful but also incredibly boring. Deep Down looks kind of interesting but it's F2P nature is giving me pause. Driveclub is just like Forza 5 for me in the sense that I'm most likely never going to play it. Aside from what I've mentioned above, I don't know what else Sony's got cooking for us.

I'm eagerly awaiting E3 to see what new exclusive IPs MS and Sony will announce. As well as solid gameplay demonstrations for the upcoming titles that are already known.

But as things stand right now, I find them to be on equal footing (with regards to what appeals to ME).
XBGT:RedHawkDirewolf PSN and NNID: RedHawk_Direwolf
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