What's your number ONE reason why you bought an xbone?

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User Info: CrusnikCain

3 years ago#11
Reflex-Arc posted...
I wanted one.
Gamer Tag / PSN : CrusnikCain

User Info: That_Damn_Kid

3 years ago#12

LOL I'm kidding. For Halo.
I'm not a kid, I just act like one
GT: ITS DAT DAM KID --- PSN: Lamburghini89///PS4, X1, Wii U, 360, 3DS

User Info: CyberEvil

3 years ago#13
Killer Instinct is the biggest reason but a lot of the exclusives are more appealing in general.
Live: CyberEvil
PSN: CyberEvil-PSN

User Info: CKnight

3 years ago#14
"No...you live with it." - Fumbles

User Info: Dogezilla

3 years ago#15
One word Fable

Playing the first game is still one of my fondest gaming memories, 2 was simply gorgeous, though worse than the original, and everything that came after I simply ignore.

I do wish we'd get Fable 4 instead of legends but the MC never was important in Fable, nor was customization, it always was Lionheads irreplaceable humour and gorgeous Albion that made their games great.

User Info: BukoNuTz

3 years ago#16
Jedi454 posted...
Yeah I agree, my hands cramp up a little bit after a long sesh with a Ps3 controller and the Ps4 controller only improves on it slightly.

It sounds like you never held a dual shock 4.

I bought the xbox one for the exclusives and killer instinct. I used to have dead rising 3 and titanfall.

User Info: Lukenatme

3 years ago#17
I'm a dude, bro.

User Info: kushahilic

3 years ago#18
gears of war/halo/titanfall/forza

User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#19
Play with friends. Would have easily gotten a PS4 if my friends got that instead. I originally had a PS3 but hated playing multiplayer by myself so I switched over to 360 to play with my friends.

User Info: abbeldydoo

3 years ago#20
Don't mod me bro!
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