What's your number ONE reason why you bought an xbone?

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User Info: chip1289

3 years ago#21
controller and exclusives

User Info: chex81

3 years ago#22
HELZERO posted...
Controller for me

XBL/PSN/WiiU: chex81

User Info: SaQu1B

3 years ago#23

User Info: Executioner232

3 years ago#24
Actually a gift for my father, I'll be getting one when it comes out in a bundle package (will be doing the same with the PS4)
PSN user - Exterminator8954
Steam user - Goldeneye007

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

3 years ago#25
To play it.
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User Info: sry_POS

3 years ago#26
Killer Instinct.
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XBL/PSN/Steam: corruptor5150

User Info: ChemicalReaper

3 years ago#27
Got a PS2, then an Xbox; PS2 ended up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Got a 360, then a PS3; PS3 ended up sitting up on a shelf collecting dust.

Secondary reasons:
1) My friends either have or will be getting Xbox Ones.
2) That controller.
XBL: popcornC0L0N3L | PSN: Hank_McCheezy

User Info: KID VID

3 years ago#28
Controller and Killer Instinct.
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: KIDD VIDD

User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#29
MOATS7798 posted...
Better Games/Exclusives...

This dr3 and killer instinct are so much fun
PSN:Knickyknucklez 360:Kn1ckyknucklez Wii-U:KnickyKnucklez

User Info: Millertime660

3 years ago#30
controller, xboxlive and dashboard.
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