which is the better series MGS or Splinter Cell?

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User Info: kivos

3 years ago#11
zelda_3003 posted...
People are really saying Splinter Cell? It doesn't hold a candle to Metal Gear.


But yeah, the brilliance and strategic methods Kojima puts in MGS games is unmatched. Between the main entries in MGS the only game a Splinter Cell game surpasses is Peace Walker.
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User Info: TaffmanG

3 years ago#12
Syphon Filter.

User Info: WebsandWigs

3 years ago#13
MGS has better story and characters Splinter Cell has better gameplay. I enjoy both in their own way. Yea thats right, Im not taking sides!

User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#14
Splinter Cell

User Info: Snake99001

3 years ago#15
I prefer MGS by far in every aspect. I can see why people would like the gameplay in Splinter Cell though. I don't think there's even a contest when it comes to story and sound.

User Info: highwindmt

3 years ago#16
Splinter cell is just your basic Tom Clancy game. There is absolutely nothing specially about it. It's absolutely filled to the brim with every military, political, and espionage trope/cliche there is.

MGS on the other hand has very unique stories (even if a little off the wall). The gameplay changes every game. The graphics are usually tops when they were released. Everybody has their own opinion, but splinter cell games feel extremely trite to me, especially when compared to MGS.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#17
I loved MGS back on PS2, but then I played Splinter Cell and never looked back. Splinter cell makes killing a little more satisfying.
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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#18
Splinter Cell is far superior then MGS, also has a better stories and characters.

Apart from the END, my favourite boss fight ever.
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User Info: Namord1

3 years ago#19
I agree with the previous poster except on two things:
1-MGS has a time travel fetish (games going back and forth in the timeline is NOT cool or sensible). SC has no such thing.

2-My vote for better game series goes to SC. I don't play for the story, I play for the gameplay. For everything else, I'd choose MGS. Now if they only made the ENTIRE COLLECTION AVAILABLE to both PS and XB rather than some in-the-middle series...

User Info: DarkReign2022

3 years ago#20
While I find the insanity of the Metal Gear Series to be entertaining, it's always annoyed me how the game jumps around so much and constantly has you switching characters for each iteration and the story itself has become contrived, full of plot holes, and generally follows the same cliches time after time. Not to mention way too many cutscenes. I'm so thankful they cut out the constant codec conversations in Ground Zero. Hopefully they don't return in MGSV.

On the whole, I find Splinter Cell to be a much more solid and enjoyable stealth franchise. Controls aren't quite as complicated, there aren't a lot of gimmicky gameplay features that you use once the entire game and never return to, they've typically done a much better job with level design being open and allowing you to tackle objectives with a number of paths and later series expanded on that with the focus on Stealth, Predator, and Assault play styles. It's a bit disappointing that it doesn't have a centrally developing storyline like MGS (although Double Agent, Conviction, and Blacklist have done a good job building off of each other and I suspect the next one will continue this trend, perhaps reintroducing Megiddo from the Conviction campaign. In fact, I can see them potentially being a central threat in the upcoming Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon (I personally think it would be awesome if they could release the next iteration to all 3 of those games over the course of a year and have their storylines intertwined to focus on a single global terror event.)
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