Which controller feels better? (Serious discussion)

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User Info: BigPapi829

3 years ago#21
For any one who has time: Techno Buff's comparison is one of the most in depth ep 2 should be it out in the coming days


User Info: Sorbetowulf

3 years ago#22
I haven't used the PS4 controller enough to objectively judge it vs. the XBox One controller, but I will say that when I first handled the XB1 controller I hated it, it was too different in feel to the 360. However after using it and letting it grow on me, the One makes the 360 controller feel like a brick. It's more ergonomic and comfortable, and whenever I go back to the 360 to play one of those games or to watch NHL Gamecenter which the One doesn't have yet, my nose crinkles in disgust because the 360 controller feels foreign and cumbersome.

So in my opinion (which counts for little), the One controller blows the 360's out of the water.

User Info: Logical_One

3 years ago#23
lostsniper187 posted...
I own both systems and I just prefer offset analog sticks. Ps4 controller is nice too but was never a fan of the analog sticks. Just my preference

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User Info: X_F_L_A_W_X

3 years ago#24
axelfooley2k5 posted...
stupid jokes are gonna happen

here is my 2 cents

the DS4 is a huge improvement
the x1 is a step back from the 360 ...not enough to not buy the system and not enough to be anywhere near as bad as The DS3

DS4 lays perfectly in your hand like the 360 controller
if you have small hands there is nothing wrong with the x1 controller
but it gets cramped and the front bumpers are awkward
with the negatives its not enough to skip the xbone

but the ds4 feels better....to me by a decent bit

Pretty much this, plus I prefer the stick placement on the DS4. There are still some things I prefer about the XB1 controller like the thumbstick heads and the triggers, but the DS4 feels better in my hands.
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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

3 years ago#25
Xbox One by a considerable margin for me. The sticks have much more traction, the triggers are better designed, and the overall comfort is better. It also lasts a lot longer given the DS4 only holds a 7 hour charge.

The only thing the DS4 does better is bumpers.
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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#26
I've always disliked the ergonomics of the Playstation controllers and found the Xbox controllers much more comfortable. But I was over at a friends and played his PS4 and I must admit that the Dual Shock 4 is much more comfortable.
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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

3 years ago#27
Just to add some weight to my argument, heres a photo of my Xbox One and PS4 controllers.


The Xbox One controller is just better.
I play PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and 3DS
Be a fan of games, not corporations.

User Info: Anakerie

3 years ago#28
They went out together and had a nice lunch of soup and endless breadsticks at Olive Garden, and then played Frisbee in the park, so they're both feeling good about now.
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User Info: Kudou_Akai

3 years ago#29
From what i tried at Best Buy on Wednesday, The PS4 Controller.

I grip both controllers and my hands just sink in with the DS4, the X1 Controller when i grip it, makes my hand feel crammed together, even when trying different methods to be comfortable my like switching from my index and middle to use the shoulder buttons to my index only, i have no problem with the LS and Face buttons but the cramming feeling is to uncomfortable on the RS and D-pad. i had no problems with the DS4 but i thought the touch pad material would feel different, more rubber like. im not bashing the X1 controller as its great when i played Forza but the way my hands are made its not fully comfortable. for me it will take either a wider layout or a while to get used it.
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User Info: soulofillusha

3 years ago#30
Honestly, I think the 360 has the best controller. The xbone controller feels like it will break too easily and the ps4 still has symmetrical analogue sticks. I prefer MS's offset analogues. Now if I can just hook up a 360 controller to a ps4..
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