Which controller feels better? (Serious discussion)

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User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#31
I found that overall, it mainly depends on the thumbstick layout you prefer the most (Symmetric - PS4, Asymmetrical - Xbox One). I honestly would probably side more with the Xbox One controller because of that, and the 360 controller was the best thing ever imo. The Xbox One controller to me isnt as good though, but still a great controller.

The PS4 controller is definitely improved over its predecessor, and I'm much more receptive to playing multiplats on it now. Still kind of have an issue with symmetrical thumbsticks.

One of the bigger problems I did have with the Xbox One controller is that it feels awkward at times due to my large hands. The utility features are pretty awesome at times though. The PS4 wins out in terms of grip, however.
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User Info: lovbbws

3 years ago#32
LOL i saw (Serious discussion) and was thinking on gamefaqs? ummm yeahhhh goodluck with that one :)

User Info: Skill4Reel

3 years ago#33
I've used them both, but I own an XBOX One. Not a PS4. So I obviously feel more comfortable with the XBOX One controller, because I use it all of the time. I did think that the PS4 controller felt a lot more comfortable than the PS3 that one time that I used it.

I really don't understand all of this debate about controllers. It's always been about preference directly related to which device is being used most. There was a slight adjustment period for the controller soon after getting an XBOX One that went away very quickly. I prefer it over the XBOX360 controller. I prefer the shoulder button placement and overall size of the XBOX One controller to it.

Nothing touches the Wii U gamepad though.

User Info: popodijo

3 years ago#34
I would have to say I prefer the XBOX1 controller.

I prefer offset analog sticks as others here have mentioned.

The triggers on the XBOX1 controller are amazing and nothing else comes even remotely close to how fluid they are.

Initially when I picked up the XBOX1 controller, I wasn't in love with it right away like I was with the 360. Something about the feel of it felt off. Fast forward a few months later and I feel just the opposite. When I do go back and play a 360 game (Dark Souls 2), I miss the XBOX1 controller.

I have been gaming since 1986 or so, and have owned every major console release since than. The DS4 is easily the best Sony created controller yet, but I feel they tacked on too many gimicks to the controller (light bar / touch pad / speaker) and it makes the controller look overly cluttered and ugly imo.

Sony seriously need to improve those Analog sticks though, and the placement. not necessarily offset, but they always place them too close together. Which is why I get surprised when I read online people with 'large hands; like the DS4.

IMHO a lot of consumers out there have never even given XBOX a shot, and continue to suckle on Sonys tit like they are the only cow in the field.

If people are that concerned over graphics / resolution / fps - than you need a gaming pc / period

User Info: Chaz456

3 years ago#35
Here is what I personally think (I now own both consoles):

The Xbox 1 controller is my favorite controller of all time it replaced the xbox 360 controller in that department. The build is great it never really gets slippery and once you get used to the higher analog sticks and know how to hit the shoulder buttons (you gotta curl your fingers around them like a snake) it feels so good. I tried holding a 360 controller the other day and it felt really awkward I did not like it one bit. A quick side note I have seen people say the build/quality of the Xbox 1 controller is terrible and the 360 is much better. This is an obvious troll for all of you people wondering. I have thrown many 360 controllers across the room and sometimes they work again, but they have shattered and they kinda feel a bit hollow. The XB1 controller is so solid if I threw it at someone I'd probably put them in a coma. It is a bit annoying that it does not come packaged with a play and charge, but since I like the build so much I let it slide.

Now that being said the PS4 controller is an impressive piece of hardware itself. The quality of the controller like the XB1 is also very good and to say it is a huge step up from the DS3 is an understatement. It is very comfortable in my hands and the button layout is very good. It does get a little slippery due to sweaty hands if you play too long but it is not that bad. The only real bad thing I have to say about the DS4 is you can't turn off that damn light bar (surprisingly annoying) and the battery life is very short ~ 7-8 hours. Also in games like madden the touchpad clicks in and is what you use to call time outs and it is very easy to click when you are trying to hit options/share, but to me this is minor.

So both are great pieces of hardware. I give the slight edge to the XB1 because I like the asymmetrical analog sticks and it fits just a bit nicer in my hands, but I would say the DS4 is better then the 360 controller. You can't really go wrong with either.
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User Info: dormcaste

3 years ago#36
Xbox One controller is too small and its sticks are also too small. It's just too small, plain and simple.

Thus, PS4 wins by default.

skermac posted...
EternalStutter posted...
No trolls please. No stupid jokes. Just 100% pure discussion.
Please give a few valid points as to why you think this.

PS4 controller VS X1 controller. Which one FEELS better in your hand?

Neither, the 360 and PS3 controller feels better to me than either the XB1 or PS4 controller. They should have left them alone.

I agree with this. The controller design should not have changed. It was a foolish decision.

User Info: kamnat1

3 years ago#37
Ps4 for me but i also have small girly hands

User Info: MrBiggMan66

3 years ago#38
For racing games, I like the X1 controller better because of the rumble in the triggers. Otherwise I prefer the DS4 for everything else.

User Info: MonicasBack

3 years ago#39
ImThe8thWonder posted...
Incoming comments ignorantly stating that asymmetrical layout is objectively best, and thus, the Xbox controllers are best.

This, but it is unironically the best layout.

User Info: eternalblue02

3 years ago#40
I'm so used to the Sony controllers I favor them just because of the feel. I can't stand the PS3 shoulder buttons though, something seems off.

I found the 360 to be too bulky for my liking but still enjoyed using it because of the analog.

It's one of those to each their own preference. Could be worse, Jaguar anyone???
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