is your kinect connected?

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#1
!?!?!?!?!?! - Results (127 votes)
yes......i use it and plan to continue to use it.. i like it
35.43% (45 votes)
yes......i use it a little...want to see potential
13.39% (17 votes)
yes.....i barely use it, could care less if it was there
7.87% (10 votes)
No.......dont care for it
29.13% (37 votes)
No......i sold it
3.15% (4 votes)
i dont have an xbone and i am messing this poll up
11.02% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
asking because i have never been a fan and i think i am going to buy the titanfall bundle

im just not sure that it is worth keeping ( never had a kinect with 360...thought it looked dumb)

if the os and commands are what the machine was built around and the games that use it are not that bad i could maybe see myself using it

they sell for a good bit on ebay

User Info: cabcalloway1983

3 years ago#2
MS i going to do VR as well as Sony.Sony will use the PS camera in conjunction with the VR helmet and MS wil use the Kinect with it.If nothing else i figured it would be worth having just for that but there may be games that actually end up utilizing Kinect to enhance them.I am keeping mine for sure.
9th grade drop out and i am a garbage man because my only other choice was a Gamefaqs moderator.

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#3
so most kinects are kinected

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#4
No but I use it to let my kids skype to grandparents* very useful for that.
Xbox one, PS3, Wii
Play for the games not the evil corporation, they're all evil in the end.

User Info: death cloud

death cloud
3 years ago#5
The worst thing that Gamefaqs ever did was allow embedded polls. This crap has to stop.
Let's all try to be nice.

User Info: Enigma149

3 years ago#6
death cloud posted...
The worst thing that Gamefaqs ever did was allow embedded polls. This crap has to stop.

No, it definitely beat the system we had before.
"The winner is the gamer who gets to play all of the games, and the game developer who is recognized for the great games they made." -Retroxgamer0

User Info: BTM4444

3 years ago#7
I'm always kinected
I'm a Proud Xbox One Owner :)
Microsoft will never sell the Xbox One without Kinect!

User Info: chex81

3 years ago#8
Originally I would have said I didn't care for it...but after using it for some time I like it and want to see it put to better use
XBL/PSN/WiiU: chex81

User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#9
I kinda hope that Microsoft requires the Kinect as part of a future update. That way I can laugh and laugh and laugh at all the fools who have to spend extra to buy a new one because they shortsightedly got rid of the one that was originally supplied with the XBOne they purchased.
ALL games should have a Single Player mode. I can always guarantee I want to play when I turn on my system. I can't guarantee others will at the same time.

User Info: desert_santa

3 years ago#10
Nope, one day maybe but right now my room is too small and I have no Kinect games.
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