What can we expect from Microsoft at E3?

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User Info: Ada-Wong-Fan

3 years ago#1
My Wishlist is following

Halo 2 HD Remaster Announced for Xbox One coming November 2014, Halo 3&4 Upgrade Port for Xbox One as A Collector Edition Priced 99.99.
Halo 5 Delay until November 2015.
JRPG Announced for Xbox One.
Left 4 Dead 3 announced as 1 Year Xbox One Exclusive coming October 2014.
Xbox One reach 7.7 Million Sold, Microsoft planned on Xbox One reach 17 Million sold by Christmas 2014.
Evolve Release Date Announced for Halloween 2014, 100.00 Collector Edition.
Dead Rising 3 Ultimate Edition Announced coming November 2014, Priced 59.99.
Xbox One get limited time 100.00 Sale coming September 2014 Worldwide at Major Retails.
Fallout 4 coming to Xbox One December 26 2014, Exclusive DLC Pack Priced 19.99.
First Limited Edition Xbox One Announced.
Call of Duty 2014 Announced Coming to Xbox One, no Xbox 360 Version.
Batman Arkham Knight getting Exclusive Collector Edition for Xbox One Priced 89.99.
Teaser of Gears of War Xbox One coming E3 2015.
I really hope Final Fantasy XV is released by Christmas 2014 for Japan, Final Fantasy XV is released by January 16 2015 for International.

User Info: Charocks

3 years ago#2
What a magical world you live in.

Their gonna get up on the stage and show us a dozen miserable Kinect games followed by CallOfDooty, another mediocre Halo game, and talk about all the social features and apps that barely anyone gives a **** about.

After the conference, people will ask questions to which the execs will alienate even more fans with *****y answers.
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User Info: Sorbetowulf

3 years ago#3
Wishlisting and trolling aside, here's what I expect:

- If it hasn't been released yet, external hard drive support with details.
- One or two Xbox One exclusives, including a firm release date for Halo 5.
- Something pertaining to classic remakes of Halo, probably Halo 2 or 3.
- Considering Sony has inexplicably pitched their VR device before E3 (why they did this is beyond me), a presentation pitching their own VR device that thoroughly and soundly destroys anything Sony has released on the subject.
- Titles pertaining to 360.
- A line-up of killer non-gaming apps.

User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#4
@XboxP3 will this years E3 conference be as game focused as last years?

@PotentialyGreat Yes, I think you'll see very few execs. We are already over our 90 minute time limit and having to move stuff out of show.


User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#5
Borderlands 3
#1 at absolutely nothing!

User Info: violentdissmay

3 years ago#6
Given both Arkham Asylum and Origins had exclusive dlc for the PS3, I would expect them to do the same for Knight
I doubt they'll delay Halo 5
Call of Duty may actually be next gen only (seems somewhat likely)
Fallout 4 exclusive dlc is also possible, but more likely to be timed (similar to Skyrims)
I wouldnt expect XB One to sell 10 million between now and christmas, guess its posible, just dont think its likely
Id like to see a new Gears game, just so long as People Can Fly has nothing to do with it

Bender: There. This'll teach those filthy bastards who's lovable.

User Info: BoomerHelll

3 years ago#7
Half-Life 3 Xbox one exclusive.
the nuke to end all wars

User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#8
Resident evil 2 remake
Resident evil 7 reboot series
Both exclusive to Xbox

A Monster hunter exclusive to Xbox ( that's their Japanese title)

Halo 2 HD
Sunset overdrive
Quantum break
Project spark
All this year

Left 4 dead 3
Dragon age
GTA v ultimate edition

And ms will announce a 360 digital market place on one with games like
Halo reach/ 4
Gears 1-judgement
Fable series
Each game will be 19.99
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User Info: DeadLock25

3 years ago#9
Giving credit where credit is due, this is taken from a reddit thread linked below, written by user: stopkillingcarmine


"All they really have to do is the following:
Conference starts, lights go dim. Cole Train yells "Wooooooooooooo We're back baby", have a release date for Gears.
Patriotic music begins with a UNSC banner on the screen, Sgt. Johnson walks on General Patton style and starts talking, shots of Halo 2 Anniversary are shown. Release date shown on screen with a grunt running across the bottom of the screen screaming for help. Then, the screen changes, a close up shot of the MC's visor, with the reflection being various war scenes and teasers of what's to come in Halo 5. Coming 2015.
"War, war never changes" - applause happens here, shots of apocalyptic Boston are shown with the unmistakable Fallout dialogue, finishing up with showing a Vault, the vault's number being the release date.
Call of Duty 2014 shown, single player only teaser since that's the CoD way, no MP until closer to release date. Tease Azure to give the first teaser of dedicated servers.
Quick talk about where the future of Xbox is going and how great everything is. Release the first teaser for Games for Gold as well as game sharing.
Shots of a medieval looking town, somewhat realistic but with a style that hints at something, but you're not sure what. Is it Assassin's Creed? A new IP? Then the screen goes black, "Return to Albion".
Mother ****ing Banjo, advertising how you can say orders using the Kinect and Kazooie will do them, etc.
A trailer for all the upcoming indie games coming out on X1 as well as a tech demo and trailer or content that Unity will bring.
All of the sudden, the sound of engines starting fills the room, then tires spinning, Forza Horizon 2 announced.
Quick Crackdown teaser.
All of the sudden scenes of a video game Los Angeles appear on the screen, looks like a really glossy version of GTA, maybe San Andres - but no, it's GTAV remastered with GTAO being hosted on Azure servers.
Sunset Overdrive gameplay, Fable Legends gameplay, and quick gameplay trailers of all the games already announced.
Quick rundown of all the system changes so far and how they're commited to making this console amazing and talking about what's on the roadmap for the year - voice messaging, 3x faster OS, DirectX12, etc.
Lights come up, Major Nelson pops in and talks about how glad he is everybody came and how Xbox has a lot of promising stuff coming and to go see all the booths for more info. But before he walks off the stage, he says "Oh, I have two more things to show you guys, I think you'll like it". He picks up a Surface 2 tablet, a camera comes up behind him, he launches an app called "Xbox" - starts controlling his entire experience, says that Smartglass is about to become much smarter. Starts walking off the stage then appears to remember something, walks to the side of the stage and is gone for a 30-45 seconds, people start questioning if something went wrong. Then the lights go completely dark and he comes up on the big screen, leans his head down, and comes back up on screen with the prototype AR/VR headset. Screen goes black and a trailer of the possiblities come up then it ends by the screen looking like a Halo visor and booting up and Cortana saying "Wow, they really updated your suit since the last time I saw you". People rejoice and have heart attacks, best E3 ever."
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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#10
^ that'll work.
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