EA Loses 'Worst Company In America' Contest In First Round

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User Info: Thesuperstar2k

3 years ago#61
Gtuansdiamm posted...
jpraelster posted...
Thats disappointing I was hoping to see them get it again
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User Info: Gordaton

3 years ago#62
Seaworld is trash that I wish can go out of business.

User Info: Enigma149

3 years ago#63
Looking at the results, the only one that surprised me was the Verizon / eBay battle...and not because Verizon won, but because they won by so little.

Looking toward the rest of round 1, I predict Citi, DirecTV, and Sea World will all advance. The Microsoft / AT&T battle will be interesting. I think AT&T deserves to win, but I expect the massive legions of Apple / Google / Linux / Sony / Nintendo fanboys to push Microsoft ahead (note: don't take any of this comment as a point in Microsoft's favor - I just really want AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and all the other cell phone companies / ISPs to go far).
"The winner is the gamer who gets to play all of the games, and the game developer who is recognized for the great games they made." -Retroxgamer0

User Info: Sudieken

3 years ago#64
Apex-Player posted...
MS won't make it past the 1st round, guarantee they have a private armies worth of people to vote on the competition.
Some could argue they covered EAs ass also.

Be naive to think they wouldn't pay to get themselves off That list. That list will mean more to them then any exclusive or advertising would, to get off of ASAP.

Actually, this is the naive thinking. The list means nothing; EA won twice in a row and they're making more money than ever. No one would ever waste resources trying to get off of the list because they're not going to lose a penny if they win.

User Info: DutchAngel9

3 years ago#65
They're still the worst in my opinion.
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User Info: majorgalaxy

3 years ago#66
dj-izzle posted...
What's the deal with SeaWorld... why did they get nominated?

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." - Geroge Orwell

User Info: Mr_Delcroix

3 years ago#67
TBONE_OG posted...
Wow, right? Look at what Titanfall did for EA...



It's because only idiots with very short sighted world views believe that EA is literally the most evil corporation in America.

Try Monsanto who actively poisons the world's food supply or some other awful company that does something that's actually a threat to the safety of humans and not some awful publisher who is just as bad as most of the other awful publishers in the business

I doubt they'd even kill you. And trust me, some companies would rather murder you than deal with legal problems you could cause them. They'd do it without a second thought and get away with it.

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#68
Ea never deserved to be on the list, wow they had server problems, they are truly evil.

Gamers are such cry babies these days.
GT: Tyron3L1o
I don't know what's worse, company fanboys or kojima fanboys? One thing is for certain, they are most definitely the definition of a neckbeard.

User Info: BSerenity

3 years ago#69
Tyronelio1 posted...
Ea never deserved to be on the list, wow they had server problems, they are truly evil.

Gamers are such cry babies these days.

The reason EA was even on the list to begin with went much further than "server problems".

EA definitely doesn't deserve to be on the list regardless especially among some of these other companies.
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User Info: ArsenicSteel

3 years ago#70
extanker posted...
Jedi454 posted...
LOL AMERICANS thinking a game or software/ hardware company should be the worst company in your country.

I know, right? 'Wow, that company tortures sealife for amusement.' 'Psh. Forget that, EA charged me for DLC! Hands down worst company in America!'

It really is embarrassing.

These things change from time to time. EA earned the title before but at that time I don't recall any news or information about a company torturing animal. Somethings do help add scope to our problems but personal problems tend to be more on the forefront of our minds than the problems of a 3rd party, regardless of the scale.
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