Infamous vs Titanfall sales

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User Info: CokaineCowboy77

3 years ago#51
Titanfall's not even close to being exclusive so what's the point in comparing them?
"Also, do not how this isn't 'mashing X', which means your wrong" - SBK, in a nutshell, folks. In a nutshell.

User Info: MajesticFerret

3 years ago#52
Welcome to the wonderful world of "the winning system gets the winning software sales."

I remember 360 fans arguing that Halo 3 was better than any of PS3s exclusives on the premise that it sold much better, ignoring the fact that it came out when PS3 was in a rut, 360 was dominating in US sales, and people were hungry for a good fps, especially considering the market (post Halo 2 hype, pre Modern Warfare dominance).

If it makes you feel any better, I'm a PS4 owner, own I:SS, played TF at a friends house, and can say TF is probably the game I'd rather have.

However, SS will own TF in sales due to PS4 being the better selling system and Infamous DOES deliver on next gen graphics in a market full of underwhelming last gen ports. People are hungry for a game to showcase new hardware and SS delivers there at least.
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