I'm incredibly salty about Infamous not being on the X1

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  3. I'm incredibly salty about Infamous not being on the X1

User Info: Heathenutopia

3 years ago#41
Infamous on a Xbox board...and being hated on. Who'dah thunk.

Actual gamers like the game. Gamers, as in, open-minded people who play games on consoles for enjoyment. Not because of the logo on the box.

You people are ridiculous. Console racists are what you are!

J/k about the racism part. ;)
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User Info: EnmaDaio2588

3 years ago#42
So are you sea salty or kosher salty?
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User Info: DarkMark942

3 years ago#43
Seattle Seahawks

User Info: plus1zero

3 years ago#44
It's a pretty decent game, but I still enjoy Titanfall a bit better.
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User Info: TheBorderCollie

3 years ago#45
Jedi454 posted...
I'll definitely get inFamous SS when I get a ps4, but I can't justify getting one when there's only that one exclusive I want.

Don't worry...You aren't missing much. It's the worst game in the series. Even many die-hard fans are disappointed.
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User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#46
Worst game ever.

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#47
It's amazing!
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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#48
Laylow12 posted...
It's amazing!

I wouldn't say that, it's beautiful most of the time and I enjoyed the story despite it being x-men vs humans all over again.

Tbh I say saints row 4 tops it when it comes to particle effects. (Except for the radiant wave from infamous, just wow) and characters, also troy baker and Nolan north (delsin and Nathan drake respectively) both voice the boss.

Oh and saints row actually has things to do instead of just collecting things or doing this an x amount of times.

Come to think of it, it saints row 4 came out in next gen it would be the best looking game by anyone standards if they redid all the graphics.

But infamous is still a good game though, not amazing IMO.

User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#49
Laylow12 posted...
It's amazing!

It can't hold a candle to masterpieces such as Titanfall, Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3.

User Info: xsabrewulf

3 years ago#50
Played it at a friends and did not enjoy the game at all
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  3. I'm incredibly salty about Infamous not being on the X1

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