What's your favorite game on the Xbox One?

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User Info: LEGEND_725

3 years ago#21
LEGEND_725 posted...
Titanfall: best multiplayer on console
Ryse: best graphics on console
Forza: best racer on console
Killer instinct: best fighter on console
Dead rising 3: best open world game on console
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User Info: X_F_L_A_W_X

3 years ago#22
Exclusive - Forza 5, DR3 is a close second

Multiplat - Trials Fusion (I know it's not out yet, but it's close enough that I'm going to use it as my answer)
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User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#23
Dead Rising 3
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User Info: Tenzhi

3 years ago#24
Forza 5.
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User Info: hitman911us

3 years ago#25
Titanfall but DR3, Forza, NBA 2K14, and Tomb Raider are all up there as well.
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User Info: Thedespair

3 years ago#26
Plants vs zombies , more quality and fun in this 40 dollar game then most big releases.
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User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#27
exclusive i like PvZ

multiplat i like lego marvel super heroes
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