Who else wants to see Microsoft make a handheld?

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User Info: BloodyDove2vs

3 years ago#11
What another zune or surface type? Microsoft has enough loses at the moment.
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User Info: Geist

3 years ago#12
AzaneAzer posted...
Pay 5$ to win games won't kill the Gameboy line, but it's going to keep anything else from surfacing.

You have no clue what is available in the handheld market, so please do not speak. Shadowrun Returns alone blows away most if not all of the 3DS library.
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User Info: nickr2d2

3 years ago#13
Geist posted...
No, I think phones and tablets will eventually kill off high end hand held. So MS would be better to stick with those and the PC/Xbox combo.

"You're using the wrong words to express your still incorrect thoughts" -Foxx3k

User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#14
This was considered a possibility last gen. That MS may make a device to compete with the PSP and DS. That was like 8 years ago though. A lot has changed. The handheld market is now viewed as a shrinking market not a growing one.

Last gen a total of about 230 million units were sold in the handheld market between the two main competitors (PSP = 80 mill, DS = 150 mill). This go round things are very different. PS Vita has been out for two years and its sales are terrible, about 7.5 million so far. 3DS has been around for 3 years and while the sales are not bad they are not as good as the DS, it currently has about 43 million unit sales. So a combined total is about 51 million units in the span of 3 years...... that is way behind the 230 million of the last gen.

The general thinking from industry analyst is that the smart phone/tablet market is eating into the handheld market. Point is MS nor anyone else sees it as a growth market. Since MS does not already have a presence in that market there is no reason for them to go into it.
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#15

I mean literally. Probably bigger than the WiiU gamepad and it would use AA batteries.
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User Info: DarkMark942

3 years ago#16
I don't get the smartphone craze. Who wants to play 2 dollar games that have no controllers and are made by a bunch of no name indies? I play them just to kill time on the ttrain and that's it.
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