Dead Franchises to revive to make Microsoft's box a MUST-BUY?

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User Info: Joey2cool

3 years ago#11
Conker and Perfect Dark.
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User Info: darealest47

3 years ago#12
Hunter the Reckoning
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User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#13
Shenmue 3 for the love of god can we find out what happen, can Ryo get his revenge on Lan Di.

Jade empire using mass effect 3 engine

Left 4 Dead 3

Capcom vs Snk


Rival Schools


Brute Force

Bulletstorm 2

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User Info: 2006_

3 years ago#14
richboy900 posted...
Project Gotham racing, like as good as pgr2
star wars kotor
midtown madness 4
timesplitters 4
Rainbow six
New quake or unreal tournament
Ninja Gaiden (but as good as the early games)
Burnout (returning to burnout 3s style though)

A new KOTOR would be enough for me.

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#15
Knights of the old republic,
Son, Micro$oft and Nintndo, am I doing it right?

User Info: Featherwind

3 years ago#16
daniel79 posted...
InjusticeReborn posted...
The Xbox needs a fun racing game.

Good god yes. As pretty as it is racing around circuit it's just boring as hell. Desruction Derby is a hell of a lot more fun..

I remember that Micro machines game, that was fun as hell! (Also hard as hell if memory serves me correct..)

I've played it too. My cousin had it and when I visited him we played it. First I thought it was just some "kiddy" game but in the last tournaments you have to be extremely careful. I don't think it was even "cheap" difficulty like extreme rubberbanding. The tracks were just hard and punishing. Thanks to this topic I'm going to find and finish the game.

A new Otogi would make me consider buying the Xbox One. I'm not a japan fan really but I they are very cool games imo.

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#17
People saying KOTOR? Instabuy!
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User Info: Protoman_X38

3 years ago#18

User Info: Toxicum_S

3 years ago#19
2006_ posted...
A new KOTOR would be enough for me.


User Info: schizoholic

3 years ago#20
Mechwarrior mercenaries
Wing commander
Baldurs gate
Pool of radiance (gold box style)
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