Dead Franchises to revive to make Microsoft's box a MUST-BUY?

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User Info: Solid_Snake124

3 years ago#91
A proper 2007 Shadowrun sequel, once again featuring cross platform PC play.
(I understand the majority of old school fan's criticisms with the game, but independent of the Shadowrun name the game possessed some incredibly fun and innovative gameplay. Something most shooters are missing these days)
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User Info: FlameKishin

3 years ago#92
Bloody Roar

User Info: lazycomplife

3 years ago#93
Nothing can make me want to buy xbone
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User Info: The_DOAM

3 years ago#94
Spider5800 posted...
How has there NOT been a new Conker since MS bought Rare? They remade the original WAAAAAAY back on the original Xbox and then...nothing. That's baffling to me.

But for my money, a new Crimson Skies would be an insta-buy. High Road to Revenge was one of my most played games on original XBL.

As I have said numerous times since Rares acquisition. They didn't buy Rare for the sake of owning Rare they bought Rare to buy out the competition thus weakening them. Thus killing the potential for any of their IP's. What new gamer even knows what Conker is for that matter anyone to young for the N64 hasn't a clue about Killer Instinct.

1 Conker Remake
1 Perfect Dark
1 Banjo(Which at the same time wasn't a Banjo game)
1 Killer Instinct(Obvious cash grab and made by a relativly unknown dev)
1 Kameo (Might as well been a remake as it was pretty far into development for the Gamecube)
1 Ghoulies
0 Jet Force

All of those are in three console generations spread out across the original, 360, and ONE. If they wanted Rare for their IP's they actually would've done something with their IP's. We can have several Halo's in one gen but 0-1 for any of these games?
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User Info: a687947

3 years ago#95
bossk5 posted...
State of Decay
Ninety Nine Nights
Crimson skies
Jet Set Radio

Off the top of my head, I'm sure there is more

how is state of decay a dead franchise? (Well besides the obvious pun) new DLC just came out for it earlier this year
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