The reputation system is a good idea.

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User Info: 95_Eclipse

3 years ago#21
I have bad feedback on 360 for trash talking. And I haven't played outside of a party since 2009 lol
Favorite game to date - Xenogears \/-/-/-/\
If you believe used games are the industries problem, then you sir or ma'am are a fool.

User Info: Goregasm17

3 years ago#22
If you cannot handle the trash talk, stop playing competitive games.
I get told I'm a hacker or cheater on a daily basis, know why? Because I'm better than you. It's just the way it is. I'm an ass on Xbox Live, and I do not expect to be treated any better than I treat you. however, when you do treat me negatively, I will never take it outside of Live, it doesn't affect my mood at all. As it shouldn't affect anyone, because it's all meaningless

User Info: Alexanaxela

3 years ago#23
xfd @ using their mic without your permission
No matter what happened in the past, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.

User Info: gobuffalo30

3 years ago#24
I don't see how the new system is going to differentiate between abuse and genuine reports.

My first online 360 game was MOH: Airborne. I was reported for having bad language when I didn't even own a mic at the time.

User Info: Viper187666

3 years ago#25
The rep system is a joke and it always will be. Why can't we get an avoid list that actually works? When I avoided people on Halo Reach for idling firefight, I still ran into the same 6 or so idlers multiple times every day in spite of avoiding and filing complaints. The developers also need to take responsibility for ensuring the people wanting to play the game the right way aren't plagued by people who idle, hide, etc and contribute absolutely nothing. Furthermore, where's my option to actually play with other adults online? We buy M rated games and constantly find ourselves matched with squeaky little kids that are usually nothing but disruptive and non-productive. Why must I get harassed for ID when I buy a game, if I'll be playing against little kids anyway?
I refuse to buy XB1 until it's sold without Kinect. No, I'm not a Sony fanboy. See?
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  3. The reputation system is a good idea.

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