Which Xbox One exclusives are you most looking forward to?

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User Info: Perfect_flame

3 years ago#1
And when are they coming out?

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#2
quantum break and sunset overdrive

no set dates
i need more info .....hell everyone needs more info

but you know those developers make good games
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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#3
Kinect sports rivals on Monday.

Quantum break, sunset over drive and whatever the next gears of war is.
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User Info: ElPolloDiablo87

3 years ago#4
Kinect Sports Rivals, D4, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 2 and Halo 2 Anniversary. Although I'm not holding my breath for Quantum Break releasing this year.
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User Info: brownmyster

3 years ago#5
Sunset overdrive, quantum break, halo 5 or halo 2 anniversy, gears. Forza horizon 2 which ant been confirmed. And no release dates as of yet

User Info: Lawboy2

3 years ago#6
I'm already have my most anticipated next in line is

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#7
Forza horizon 2
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User Info: FewButCrazy

3 years ago#8
Quantum Break. Loved Alan Wake and I want to see what Remedy does next.
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User Info: LEGEND_725

3 years ago#9
Honestly it's too hard to say Xbox has such a Vasila exclusives and it has all the games I like PlayStation where I was really excited very I'm really struggling put my finger on anyone overwhelming
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User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#10
You people are actually looking forward to a.. Kinect game?
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