Is there a free demo for Ground Zeroes?

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User Info: WebsandWigs

3 years ago#21
I was wondering when someone was going to make this topic

User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#22
That can't be a demo. It's $30! Ground Zeros has to be at least half as big as the $60 Phantom Pain right? It's not like they'd charge $30 for an hour demo or something. That would be a punch in the face to any MGS fan and nobody would be gullible enough to pay that much for so little.

User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#23
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Goregasm17 posted...
A five minute demo would be half the game.


whats bad somebody beat it in 6 minutes and 48 secs using tranq gun and reflex lol
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#24
stargazer1981 posted...
This board deserves a better class of comedy.
I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

User Info: JK8289

3 years ago#25
I've played it. Best demo I've ever played then
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