What generation did you start gaming?

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User Info: takidigits2005

3 years ago#61
According to the GF's link below, I started in the second generation of gaming (1978):


Started with the original Pong, Atari 2600, and Texas Instruments computer TI-99/4A.
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User Info: teasugar

3 years ago#62
I had a Spectrum around 1990. Then Master System, SNES.

User Info: aj4x94

3 years ago#63
I started with the fourth. I had an NES and a Sega Genesis.
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User Info: D_Cowboys15

3 years ago#64
Gen 4-N64
Wow i feel young compared to most of ya'll
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User Info: littlemissy1756

3 years ago#65
got to play on my daddy's shiny new SNES as a tot.

User Info: WackyDwarf2010

3 years ago#66
jimm120 posted...
So, which gen did the Xbox One board start with?

Personally, I started with the NES era...back in 1990. Yeah, I got it late and played it a lot while everyone else was already onto the SNES. But got an SNES around 93, so I got there.

Actually, Atari 2600 is (2nd generation of gaming) and NES is (3rd generation of gaming). You can see all the generations here on Gamefaqs by clicking the "more systems" tab at the top of the page and then clicking the "and 96 more....." option. Just putting it out there.
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User Info: MajinKogahazan

3 years ago#67
teeebz posted...
Gen 2 with the NES.

I also find it alarming that so far, most people have started in gen 1/2, meaning they are adults in AT LEAST their late 20's/ into 30's, yet many people who visit this board post the idiotic fanboy topics that they do...

I'm only 20 though, and I started with the NES
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User Info: Demolatorz

3 years ago#68
I got a Gamecube for my 10th birthday and I was sooooo happy.
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User Info: omega1110

3 years ago#69
Nazanir posted...
Atari 2600.

First game I ever "co-oped" so to speak, was Joust. Still one of the most fun games I have played, and enough challenge in it to keep you hooked.

Best part was just messing with eachother.

Man the memories! I played me some Joust back in the day! Started 2nd Gen with an Atari 2600 at he ripe old age of 3 back in 83. Enjoyed the benefits of gamer parents always had a console in the house since birth(The 2600 was in the house before me actually). Heck both of them have Wiis and my mom has a 360 as well.
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User Info: The_Desk

3 years ago#70
First for me was SNES but parents had an old Atari they brought out after we got the SNES.
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