[LEGEND725] Is the negativity surrounding the price drop fear?

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User Info: chubbychaser

3 years ago#91
LEGEND_725 posted...
Last month Xbox and ps4 were neck and neck despite Xbox being more expensive. Now that the price has dropped, xbox currently has the stronger exclusive library, best online servers, at a very competitive price.
Sony had been strangely quiet about e3 while xbox has great things in store. Could this negativity about price drop be fear or more Sony scare tactics (as a recent neogaf member was banned for)?

Will this price drop combined with another dominating E3 allow MS to get closer in sales? Will playstation show some much needed AAA support instead of more indies? It seems all the hype and momentum is with Microsoft it will be interesting to see if Sony can rebound.

xbone is still inferior hardware to ps4. All multiplats games run better on ps4. so the best tactic is to sell way cheaper than ps4. 299 maybe
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User Info: L96A1BOSS

3 years ago#92
This guy still bumping this topic making himself look like a joke even have his name in the title.

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#93
LEGEND_725 posted...
mokmuud posted...

Best exclusives, best controller, best online server and the true place for games. Welcome to Xbox one... We have games and don't reassure ourselves with resolution and indies

All opinions. Also what's wrong with Indies?

I didn't buy next gen consoles to play indies

I buy my consoles to play games. I don't care if they are indies or not. A good game is a good game regardless.
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  3. [LEGEND725] Is the negativity surrounding the price drop fear?

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