Infamous sells under 400k. Titanfall sells 1 million.

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  3. Infamous sells under 400k. Titanfall sells 1 million.

User Info: hak145

3 years ago#331
kiljaeden posted...
RedZaku posted...
kiljaeden posted...
RedZaku posted...
AceVirus posted...
Sony fanboys desperately attempting to defend themselves. . .what's new.

Me thinks you should have read page 2. >.> Infamous outsold 1 million in two days, and the 400K comes only from US PRE-orders. Not counting actual purchases upon release. So it's likely cleared 400k, and the best part is there's like 10 links that invalidated the title within the first 5 pages, that just get ignored.

Do you ever visit the board of the console you love? Or spend all day every day here? Its obvious you dont own or want to own an xbox. Im being logical, like your sig.

Actually I do own a 360. So swing and a miss.

For you I guess, youre the one spending time here and not playing your PS4 lol. Your parents are the ones who swung and missed though. They raised a dude that trolls message boards for whatever satisfaction you get from that. You think you like games, but you dont.

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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#332
That's just sad.
"Deep into that darkness peering..."

User Info: Solid_Gamer77

3 years ago#333
How did this topic make it past page 2?

And talk about a misleading title.

User Info: ShELbY_GT500

3 years ago#334
Kiljaeden has some serious problems. Seek help mate.

Oh also TF is like CoD. Controls are same, Game play is same, same developers of the original CoD, same game modes mostly. TF is just another CoD skin with jet packs and wall running.

User Info: cpthighwind

3 years ago#335
Why do people keep posting this topic? It ISN'T even true! ISS had over a million PREODERS.
Play the console you like, and leave everybody else alone
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User Info: ssj5gotenks2099

3 years ago#337
only cause titan fail was way over hyped for such a crappy game lol all ive heard about titan fail is that its the same repetitive thing over and over on every map
xbox live: ssj5gotenks2099 psn pp2025

User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#338
To 500!

(Posts, not sales of Titanfall on Xbox 360.)

(What? I'm buying it for Xbox 360.)

(I am. I preordered and everything. It better be a solid port.) | twitter: @astroduck79
Waiting for: No Man's Sky, The Witness, Mercenary Kings, Rogue Legacy, Destiny

User Info: newbie2007

3 years ago#339
Seriously, which source says TF sells 1 million? I've never heard of that number for TF. MS/EA only says hundreds of thousands.

User Info: ssj5gotenks2099

3 years ago#340
ohhh i get it this is just a fail attempt at trolling O_o
xbox live: ssj5gotenks2099 psn pp2025
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