What`s the next Xbox One game your looking forward to?

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User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#1
I`m looking forward to Destiny the most from the upcoming titles, I`m gonna wait and see how Watch Dogs turn out.
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User Info: Foreign Objects

Foreign Objects
3 years ago#2
EA's UFC game. I'm so psyched for that, it looks incredible. Still hasn't got a release date, but it is meant to be Spring 2014, whenever that is for Americans.

Arkham Knight is up there too. I didn't play Origins but I've enjoyed the hell out of the other Batman games Rocksteady released. I can't wait to play this one, the graphics look among the best on the next gen consoles (the trailer said it was running on the gameplay engine)

That's basically it. I'm hoping E3 throws up a tonne of suprises for this year, because quite frankly it's dissapointing that the Xbone has only had a handful of releases since it came out in November.

Might try the Spiderman game, if the webslinging is similar to Spiderman 2's.

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#3
Wolfenstein might be a day one buy for me. It is looking promising :)
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User Info: Millertime660

3 years ago#4
Trials Fusion... easy

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#5
Kinect Sports Rivals tomorrow.

User Info: Bladez_89

3 years ago#6
I'm looking forward to destiny but the next game I'll buy will be trials fusion.
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User Info: Shaolin015

3 years ago#7
Halo 5

User Info: Fistersaurus

3 years ago#8
Millertime660 posted...
Trials Fusion... easy

User Info: VALikimlav

3 years ago#9
Shaolin015 posted...
Halo 5

Definitely this. Or any Halo. I just want Halo so I can out my 360 away.
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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#10
Honestly, I'm not dying to play any announced Xbox One game both exclusive and multiplatform. The only Xbox One game that I was dying to play was Dead Rising 3. I really don't think I should've bought an Xbox One just yet. I probably should've waited for more games to be released that I was dying to play. I just wanted to have a new console. Not my smartest decision. I don't regret buying the console though, I love my Xbox One.
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