do you think XBL is a ripoff

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User Info: Howatizer

3 years ago#51
Ha ha wow, it is funny to me that people call Live a rip off. Live is far superior to the online services that the Wii/ WiiU and PS3 provided.

Rarely had any outages, far more stable then the other guys and had a party/friend system that made the other guys look amateur in comparison. The major flaw really was that certain services like Netflix required a gold membership which I found unnecessary.

Also if you are smart, then you would know you can get a year of live for $30-$40 dollars. I haven't paid full price for Live since the 2nd year I had it.
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User Info: hak145

3 years ago#52
Nice TC. Poll is made up of two questions, yet the options only concern the second question. Biased poll.
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User Info: ricosdemo

3 years ago#53
I haven't paid for mine in a long time i usually do if there some good multiplayer games out but there are none that pop in my mind. On top of that it kinda sucks that i can't use the apps like youtube or internet explorer that's stuck behind a paywall.

User Info: tragik00

3 years ago#54
I have yet to pay full price for xbl. I rarely play multiplayer but I do enjoy co-op. So 30$ for me is the most id spend.

User Info: Shadow_Zujed

3 years ago#55
I think you are a ripoff.
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User Info: falconmanexe

3 years ago#56
Nope Just like ps plus there is more benefits then there are negatives.

User Info: falconmanexe

3 years ago#57
I know xbl has free games just like ps plus does. This month i got Tomb Raider. which basically one of the best games i have played, xbl has the same deal now so test them. I am sure there are good games that make the entire thing worth it.

User Info: 1nternationa7

3 years ago#58
Both PS+ and XBL are ripoffs. Paying for online p2p is just a testament to how consoles are inferior to PC. Even dumber is hyping up dedicated servers which don't improve the experience much anyway.
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User Info: Talon684

3 years ago#59
Troll poll
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User Info: jellybeanmaster

3 years ago#60
jpraelster posted...
jellybeanmaster posted...
motosyko21 posted...
your choices are a biased ripoff, and i proudly do not pay for them.

its not biased. can you read? If you think its a ripoff, do u pay for it anyway or dont you? Simple and straight forward

Where is the option for us not thinking its a ripoff

uhh, if you dont think its a ripoff then you dont vote. how are you guys not understanding this. the poll is not biased. its only for those who think its a ripoff

you think its a ripoff? do you pay for it anyway or is it such a ripoff that you dont?

the poll is designed to find out whether people who believe theyre getting ripped off, are allowing it to happen because them not paying for it wont change anything

i think you guys are reading the topic title and immediately reading the poll answers without the poll question; because the overwhelming poll answer says the majority of people find it to be so much of a ripoff, theyre actually not paying for it. but the thread responses are saying the complete opposite
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