I own both consoles and here are the pros and cons of both

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User Info: snowslydder

3 years ago#1
Before you just look at this and flame on, read it!

PS4 +: It is smaller and runs games with higher frame rates and resolution
PS4 -: The gap in middle for venting is smart but since it is horizontal it collects dust like crazy.

XBONE +: It is a good looking console but compared to the PS4 there is nothing really that stands out except for that it now has bluray
XBONE -: About 25% bigger then the PS4 and has an external power supply also all of the cables are bigger in diameter for no apparent reason

PS4 +: Huge improvement from the old one. It is beefier and the trigger are actually triggers. The touch bad has some cool features
PS4 -:The light which might have cool feature in the future is annoying as reflect of you tv during night gaming and drains the battery. The new controllers only last 5-7 hours compared to the old controller that lasted about 15 hours. In the future when the batteries wear down this could be 2-3 and that is something they should have fixed before they shipped it.

XBONE +:I like this controller best! By moving the thumbs apart it makes it easier to use. The size of the controller fits well in the hands the the rib on the thumb stick is going to make control freaks go out of business. Also the rumble in the triggers is a nice touch
XBONE -:I really have to buy a battery pack??? and an adapter for my head set??? Even though Xbox say it changed its game it is hard not to feel like they are pinching every penny possible out of us.

PS4 +: The only real plus is that it come with the mount to be on top of your tv out of the box.
PS4 -: Under used and has no real purpose. The twitch ability is garbage because it is in the corner your map is always in so it hinders your ability to game

XBONE +:The best of the two cameras and has functionality and a purpose. The voice recognition is on point and never asks me to try again
XBONE -: It is a little beefy and once again the cord is thicker then it needs to be. Also it did not come with a TV mount. (Once again getting every penny) Before anyone argues that this is stupid and I should just put it at the bottom of my TV... That does not work with toddlers in the house. Any parent would agree.

PS4 +: Easy to use has more options for setting then the new Xbox dash board. The speed is awesome with hardly any delay. Also the party chat worked from day one and flawlessly
PS4 -: This is going to age horribly if some features do not get fixed. All of your games are in a line so if this keeps going in 2 years it going to be crazy. Also there is no option for favorites or anything of that sort so it is really hard to find your friends if you have 200 plus friends. Also the launch was not so smooth with all of the error that would delete your game saves and just quitting you out of the game all the time

XBONE +: Super easy to use once you figure it out. Bright and big and looks great overall. Also the ability to instantly capture an awesome moment in gaming is truly an under praised feature
XBONE -: The party chat is having issues and this just baffles me. This was their foothold in gaming and now it is all jacked up. They are saying it will be fixed in a patch in April but it still sucks. Also it seems to lag a bit in the home screen sometime with a bunch loading here and there. Also I would like to know when certain friends get online so I can game with them.

The games are great and they are mostly the same on both consoles. I feel that XBOX missed out on Resogun and Infamous Second son. On the other hand Playstation missed out on Titanfall and Dead rising 3. I personally think Titanfall is the funnest game I have played in a long time but that is just me and I am a guy that likes shooters.

User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#2
dude just delete this. no one is going to read all that, or care.
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#3
Cheers bro, it's good to see these topics regularly, so it can help out the noobs that don't know which system to get.
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User Info: snowslydder

3 years ago#4
All in all I like both of them but the Xbox One is getting most of my time due to TItanfall. I have more ties with my playstation account because I have 60 platinum trophies on it and most of my friends from gaming are on there. But my experience with the Xbox community has been great. One person even said welcome to the community which I thought was a nice touch.

I see people just flame on in the forums about sales and console war this and that blah blah. To be honest it is a waste of energy. Play the one that fits your style and let the other be. The fact that there are to competing consoles is a good thing, trust me. It inspires competition and innovation. This makes gaming better for everyone. If there was one console to rule them all..... gaming would go down hill quick. Here is a perfect example... Madden. It is fun again now but for a while it sucked. Why you ask? Because EA bought the license to the NFL for 10 years this meant no 2k or back in the day 989 studio football games. Granted they were different but them competing kept EA competitive and they made great games. After they won the battle the games went down hill for a few years until sales motivated them to step up their game.

User Info: Gevous

3 years ago#5
Dude, I had been playing Xbox for 7 years and I can say right now that the community is total horse****.

User Info: snowslydder

3 years ago#6
also xbox need to add predictive text to its keyboard function. Typing takes forever

User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#7
**** that I am buying an N64
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